What happened to KKW Beauty? Why its closed?




What happened to KKW Beauty? Why do you close or stop with a successful brand? Okay we all know Kim was busy with the name, she want to remove the W of the brand because of the divorce with Kanye West.She wanted to rebrand the brand. But what really happend? Does anyone know? Now we heard about KKW beauty making a comeback. The make-up line is coming back.

Sources told the media last year that KIMK wanted to rebrand the line since KKW stood for her married name, Kim Kardashian West and she is no longer married. Why stop with your make-up line and fragnance line?

She came back with a skincare line for 600 dollar? Which is also a flop? 2 times a flop? No this is not it. I think Skims is really dope and is good quality though! It is worth 1 billion just 3 years after launcing..thats a lot! (dont believe everything you read online). It was corona remember;)

So what truly happend to KKW Beauty? Was the brand not a success after all? or is she also coming with make-up products soon? like she promoted the makep-up products on Twitter. We are very curious…

Kim Kardashian announced that KKW Beauty is officially closing – for now, any way. The entrepreneur shared that the brand’s website would be “shutting down” to make way for a new direction. “To our loyal customers, it all started with a contour kit and expanded to eyes, lips, body and many incredible collections over the past four years,” she wrote.

KKW Beauty was first launched in 2017, well before the wave of celebrities launching direct to consumer beauty lines became a thing. The brand went on to do well with a number of successful campaigns and partnerships. Then in 2020, Kardashian sold a 20 percent stake in the brand to cosmetics giant Coty for a cool US$200 million, signalling that big things were on the horizon. But it was it clearly not.

But why close a successful business and come back with a skincare line and home products?

Why is nobody talking about that? I mean that is weird right. Why stop with a business that is making millions? You don’t need a theory for that.

Was Kim not that successful in the make-up industry after all? We liked the make-up line. We think the new home line and skincare line is trash and not selling well. It way too expensive and the home products are very boring, but he its Kim. She can do it! She will still have fans that will buy it. Read more here about the home care line.

Is it Huda Kattan that is the real selfmade beauty mogul? Read here more about this woman here.

And of course Kylie Jenner is rocking it with Kylie cosmetics.

Stay tuned for your latest celeb fashion & beauty news.

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