Ukraine make-up. A supportive and creative look.




To support Ukraine, I wanted to create an original make-up look. I think the beauty industry should do more to show their support. I mean, there are brands with millions, if not billions. Not only Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid and the fashion industry should help.

I hope you like my original supportive look. I want to be creative with make-up, think of new ideas, and set trends. It looks likes sunglasses, but the only thing is that the sun is not shining on Ukraine. Its war.

There is no love in war., but there is love in showing your creative support, right? The least you can do.

The Power of Makeup to Spread Love and Support

As the crisis in Ukraine continues, many of us feel helpless and want to find ways to show our support. While donations and volunteering are impactful, there are also more minor creative gestures that can make a difference. One idea is to use makeup artistry to raise awareness and funds for Ukraine.

Getting Creative with Makeup Looks

Makeup artists have a unique opportunity to get creative with different looks that incorporate the colors of the Ukrainian flag – blue and yellow. Some ideas include:

  • A sunset eye look with yellow and orange shadows blended into a blue-winged liner shape
  • The blue and yellow graphic liner looks, with each color on one eye
  • A blue smokey eye paired with a bright yellow lip
  • Subtle blue and yellow accents on the inner corners of the eyes or bottom lash line
  • Bold all-over face paint in blue and yellow swirls and shapes

The options are endless! Makeup allows us to turn our faces into a canvas and make a statement.

Spreading Awareness through Social Media

Once you’ve created your stand-out Ukraine-inspired look, please share it on social media to spread awareness. Post your photos and information about the crisis and how people can donate or help on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok.

Add relevant hashtags like #StandWithUkraine, #MakeupForUkraine, or #BeautySupportsUkraine so more people can discover your look. Tag makeup brands and encourage them to get involved by creating products or campaigns that give back to Ukraine.

When we leverage the power of social media, a makeup post can reach thousands, inspiring others to take action as well. Even a simple blue-eye look posted with a link to donate to a Ukraine charity can make a real impact.

Giving Back through Makeup Tutorials

Beauty influencers and makeup artists can raise money for Ukraine by creating YouTube tutorials featuring these symbolic looks. They can ask viewers to donate to a charity before watching the tutorial or turn off ads and instead link to a fundraiser in the video description.

Partnering with Nonprofits

Finally, makeup brands have a tremendous opportunity to create unique edition products that support Ukrainian relief efforts. They can commit to donating a portion of sales to reputable charities.

By partnering with nonprofits and promoting these unique products, makeup companies can mobilize their audiences to make a tangible difference for needy Ukrainians. A little eye shadow, lipstick, or nail polish can go a long way when we come together through creativity and compassion.

While just a tiny act, using makeup to support Ukraine allows us to spread joy and hope during a dark time. It turns our love for beauty into a meaningful impact on humanity.


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mandy b.
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