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Are you guys ready? It’s time to to look forward towards the new year and see what the trends will be. YouTubers are also influencers and we discuss all kinds of influencers and trends for influencers on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Change In YouTube Shorts

The growth of YouTube Shorts is the first significant YouTube trend for 2023. The renowned research organization Pew Research released a study on US teens’ social media usage in August. The poll attracted much media interest, mainly focusing on the drop in Facebook use (still only 32% usage) and the popularity of TikTok (67% usage). However, YouTube—not TikTok—was the true anomaly. Teenagers utilize the platform in 95% of cases—the most significant number of any media.

Usage Of Online Platforms 2023 YouTube Trends

Shorts is a feature that young people and other users often utilize. The site places a lot of emphasis on short vertical movies that may last up to 60 seconds. Shorts are now far more frequently used than when they were first introduced last year. More than 1.5 billion people use YouTube each month to view short videos. That represents 75% (!) of all platform users.

Additionally, YouTube keeps improving and integrating Shorts within the interface. Users may rapidly submit segments from lengthier recordings as Shorts, for instance. Next, Google will monetize Shorts films with adverts much as it does with longer regular videos. This provides substantial motivation for creators to concentrate more on shorts.

Since brands and publishers need to catch up to individual artists, it is worthwhile to include Shorts in their YouTube strategy. Currently, creators account for about 95% of all short-form views. Therefore, brands and publications have a lot of potentials to use Shorts and produce theories.

Do Young People Nowadays Watch Videos That Are Under A Minute Long?

Not. The Culture and Trends Insights team at YouTube reveals how much Gen Z values long-form videos in this fascinating investigation. For instance, most young people use YouTube to look for in-depth information on their preferred TV episodes and series. Additionally, viewing TikTok and Shorts helps you remember to watch lengthier videos. According to the report, 59% of Gen Z members are interested in protecting more extended versions of movies they find on short video applications.

However, not only teens like watching Shorts. They are well-liked by people of all ages. The age group 25–34, is the one that cares about Dutch-language Shorts the most, according to a study of viewers over the previous year. Additionally, it demonstrates that more men than women (60 to 40%) choose shorts.

YouTube’s Increasing Popularity On Connected Tv

The usage of YouTube in the Dutch living room and bedroom on the large TV is expanding. YouTube videos are becoming more often shown on the TV thanks to Connected TV. Today, more than 5 million Dutch people view YouTube on their TV displays, and logged-in users watch the site on their Connected TV for an average of two hours daily. The majority of viewers watch videos that last longer than 20 minutes.

YouTube trends for connected TV in 2023

According to a study of our customer data drawn from hundreds of channels with more than two billion views, a quarter (24.9%) of YouTube views in 2022 will come from TVs. Only smartphones are more widely used (54 percent of all opinions). YouTube is quickly emerging as a substitute for TV advertising campaigns because of its enormous reach on TV, particularly with rising GRP pricing.

The Potential For Video Commerce Is Growing

Another trend we mentioned at the beginning of the year was video commerce. YouTube tries to reduce the time between discovery and purchase by combining video with shoppable content. They have made tremendous progress in achieving this during the previous year, including:

Integration with Shopify: In July, YouTube teamed with the world’s largest online retailer, Shopify. This makes it simple for artists and marketers to promote their goods on YouTube by enabling channels to connect their product offers with their broadcasts. Through the agreement, YouTube’s billions of viewers in various places will be able to see eligible channels’ goods and items immediately inside YouTube. We detail how this works in our post on YouTube purchasing.

According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, streaming providers will soon be allowed to offer memberships via YouTube. Customers can see the free movie or television trailers on YouTube via the new YouTube channel shops before immediately subscribing to the service. Streaming services can simultaneously reach and convert many people on the same platform.

In short,

Soon, online courses may be directly marketed on YouTube. YouTube just announced this. Next year, approved channels may begin providing either free or fee-based classes. The video may be played in the background and is ad-free for viewers who purchase a system. Before being made available in other nations, lessons will be available in beta in the US and South Korea. 93% of all YouTube users use the site to research topics. Before, brands and creators could get the information they needed from YouTube, but they had to convert it using a different platform. That won’t be required for much longer.

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