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Top Japanese Influencers Making Waves in 2024




Japan has long been at the forefront of technology, fashion, entertainment, and culture. In recent years, the rise of social media has given birth to a new generation of Japanese influencers who are captivating audiences both domestically and internationally with their unique style, creativity and insights. As we move through 2024, several Japanese influencers have emerged as the country’s most popular and influential voices and beyond. In this in-depth blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the top Japanese influencers of 2024, exploring their backgrounds, content, reach, and impact.

Sora Nakajima: The Esports Icon

One of Japan’s most significant influencers in 2024 is Sora Nakajima, a 22-year-old professional gamer and content creator who has taken the esports world by storm. With over 15 million followers across YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms, Nakajima is Japan’s most popular and successful esports personality.

Early Life and Gaming Career

Born and raised in Tokyo, Nakajima began playing video games at a young age and quickly developed a passion for competitive gaming. In his teens, he started participating in local esports tournaments for games like League of Legends and Fortnite, where his skills caught the attention of professional teams.

At age 18, Nakajima was recruited to join one of Japan’s top esports organizations as a full-time player and content creator. Over the next few years, he competed in significant tournaments worldwide while building a massive online following through his gaming live streams and videos.

Content and Reach

Nakajima’s content focuses primarily on his competitive gaming career and the esports industry. He live streams his practice sessions and tournaments on Twitch, providing commentary and interacting with fans. He posts highlight reels, interviews, behind-the-scenes vlogs, and educational videos on gaming strategy and technique on YouTube.

Nakajima has built a massive global fanbase thanks to his elite skills, entertaining personality, and bilingual content (he speaks both Japanese and English). His Twitch live streams regularly attract over 100,000 concurrent viewers, while his YouTube videos get millions of views. He has fans and followers from Japan, Asia, North America, and Europe.

Brand Deals and Business Ventures

Nakajima’s massive popularity has made him a sought-after partner for brands looking to reach younger audiences. He has signed lucrative endorsement deals with significant gaming, technology, and consumer brands in Japan and internationally. These include serving as a brand ambassador for gaming hardware companies like Sony and Logitech, promotional deals with energy drink and snack food brands, and sponsorships from telecom companies.

Nakajima has also launched his branded gaming peripherals and merchandise line, which have proven hugely popular with his fans. He is a co-owner of an esports team and has made early-stage investments in several gaming and esports startups in Japan and overseas. His business ventures, brand deals, and streaming/content revenue have made Nakajima one of Japan’s highest-paid influencers.

Sakura Tanaka: The Fashion and Beauty Guru

Another of Japan’s top influencers in 2024 is Sakura Tanaka, a 26-year-old fashion model and beauty/lifestyle content creator. Tanaka is a leading voice in Japan’s fashion and beauty sphere, with a combined following of over 10 million across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Modeling Career and Rise to Fame

Tanaka started her career as a teenage fashion model in Tokyo. She appeared in magazines, runway shows, and advertising campaigns for youth-oriented fashion brands. Her striking looks, style, and bubbly personality quickly made her a favorite with brands and fans.

As social media took off in Japan in the late 2010s, Tanaka leveraged her popularity to build a significant presence on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. She posted modeling photos, makeup tutorials, fashion guides, and lifestyle vlogs. Her authentic, relatable personality and creative content resonated with young Japanese women, and her follower count soared.

Content and Reach

Today, Tanaka’s content spans fashion, beauty, lifestyle and beyond. She posts professional modeling shots, outfit photos, beauty looks, and sponsored content on Instagram. Her YouTube channel features makeup guides, skincare routines, fashion hauls, day-in-the-life vlogs, travel diaries, and other lifestyle content.

She shares short-form videos on TikTok, including outfit transitions, styling tips, dance/lip-sync clips, and viral challenge videos. She frequently collaborates with other Japanese fashion and beauty influencers and international creators.

Tanaka’s audience comprises Gen Z and Millennial women in Japan and across Asia, although she has many fans worldwide. Her fashion and beauty guides are seen as approachable and down-to-earth, emphasizing personal style and self-expression over chasing fast-moving trends. She champions Japanese fashion brands and incredibly sustainable and independent labels.

Business and Activism

Like many top influencers, Tanaka has parlayed her online fame into a range of business ventures. She has collaborated on clothing and accessories collections with several Japanese fashion brands and was a brand ambassador for significant beauty, tech, and lifestyle companies. In 2023, she launched her cosmetics brand, Sakura Beauty, which has been enormously successful in Japan and is expanding across Asia.

Tanaka has also used her platform for activism and philanthropy. She has been a vocal advocate for greater size diversity and representation in Japan’s fashion and beauty industries. She frequently uses her content to promote messages of body positivity, self-love, and mental health awareness. Additionally, Tanaka has worked with various charitable organizations on issues like education access, LGBTQ+ rights, and environmental protection in Japan.

Kazuki Yamamoto: The Comedy King

Japan’s social media landscape in 2024 is only complete with Kazuki Yamamoto, a 31-year-old comedian, actor, and digital content creator. With over 20 million followers across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, Yamamoto is Japan’s most popular online comedian and one of its top entertainment influencers.

Early Career in Comedy

Yamamoto first rose to fame in the early 2010s as a member of a famous comedy duo that frequently appeared on Japanese television. Known for his physical comedy, impersonations, and off-the-wall sense of humor, Yamamoto quickly became a household name.

As digital content consumption began to overtake traditional television viewing in Japan in the late 2010s, Yamamoto turned his focus to online platforms. He launched a YouTube channel and social media accounts where he posted short-form comedy sketches, parodies, challenge videos, and more. His signature style of fast-paced, absurdist humor quickly went viral, and his online following exploded.

Content and Reach

Today, Yamamoto is a digital comedy powerhouse, posting new videos and content daily across various channels. On YouTube, he releases longer-form comedy sketches, parodies of popular TV shows and movies, celebrity interviews, and collaborations with other comedians and creators. His videos regularly receive tens of millions of views.

On TikTok and Instagram, Yamamoto shares shorter comedy clips, memes, behind-the-scenes footage and slice-of-life content. He is known for his mastery of viral comedy formats and his ability to put his own unique spin on the latest trends and challenges.

Yamamoto’s audience includes people of all ages but skews toward younger millennials and Gen Z. His comedy is often fast-paced and irreverent, heavily referencing Japanese pop culture and internet memes. However, the visual nature of his humor has also earned him a significant international following, particularly in other Asian countries.

Acting and Business Ventures

In addition to his digital comedy career, Yamamoto is an accomplished actor. He has starred in several successful Japanese television dramas, comedy specials, and films. In 2024, he is set to make his Hollywood debut in a major action-comedy movie.

Yamamoto has also been active in the business world. He has launched several successful merchandise lines, including apparel, accessories, and home goods, which feature his likeness and catchphrases. He also has endorsement deals with a range of brands, from snack foods and beverages to mobile games and electronics. In 2023, he founded his own production company to develop and produce comedy content for digital platforms.

Rina Ishikawa: The Gourmet Globetrotter

In the realm of food and travel, one of Japan’s most influential figures in 2024 is Rina Ishikawa, a 35-year-old journalist, blogger, and YouTuber. With a combined following of 8 million across her blog, YouTube channel, and social media, Ishikawa is Japan’s leading authority on culinary culture and gastrotourism.

Journalism Career and Blogging Beginnings

Ishikawa began her career as a newspaper journalist in Tokyo, covering the food and restaurant industries. Her writing, which focused on up-and-coming chefs, food trends, and culinary traditions across Japan, earned her a devoted readership.

In the early 2010s, Ishikawa launched a blog to share her food writing with a broader audience. She posted restaurant reviews, chef interviews, recipes, and culinary travel guides. As her blog gained traction, Ishikawa began incorporating multimedia elements like photos and videos.

YouTube and Social Media Fame

Ishikawa’s big break came when she launched her YouTube channel in 2018. The channel featured a mix of restaurant and street food reviews, cooking tutorials, culinary travel vlogs and interviews with notable figures in the food world. Ishikawa’s warm on-camera presence, expert knowledge, and adventurous palate quickly earned her channel a dedicated following.

As her YouTube audience grew, Ishikawa expanded to other social media platforms. She posts food photos, cooking tips, mini-reviews, and partnerships with restaurants and brands on Instagram. She shares food news and personal updates on Twitter and interacts with her fans. She is also a guest judge and commentator on Japanese television cooking shows.

Content and Reach

Ishikawa’s content is beloved by foodies both in Japan and worldwide. Her YouTube videos and blog posts cover a wide range of culinary topics, from in-depth explorations of regional Japanese cuisines to reviews of the hottest new restaurants in Tokyo and beyond. She frequently travels across Japan and internationally to experience different food cultures first-hand.

While Ishikawa’s content appeals to all ages, her core audience is 25-44-year-olds interested in food, cooking, dining, and travel. Many of her fans appreciate her ability to introduce them to new dishes, ingredients, and culinary traditions in an accessible, unpretentious way.

Ishikawa’s influence has significantly impacted Japan’s restaurant and tourism industries. Her positive reviews and recommendations can drive significant traffic to eateries. At the same time, her travel guides have inspired many of her followers to plan their culinary journeys both within Japan and abroad.

Publishing and Partnerships

Ishikawa has leveraged her expertise and influence in several successful business ventures. She has published multiple bestselling cookbooks and travel guides in Japan and has served as a brand ambassador and content partner for primary food, beverage, and kitchenware brands.

In 2023, Ishikawa opened her restaurant in Tokyo, featuring a regularly changing menu of dishes inspired by her culinary travels. She also launched a line of signature food products, including snacks, condiments, and meal kits, sold online and in premium grocery stores across Japan.

Kenji Nakamura: The Tech Guru

Japan is renowned for its cutting-edge technology, and one of the country’s most influential voices in the tech space in 2024 is Kenji Nakamura, a 29-year-old entrepreneur, programmer, and content creator. With a combined following of 6 million across YouTube, Twitter, and his blog, Nakamura is a go-to source for tech news, reviews and analysis.

Early Career and Entrepreneurship

Nakamura displayed a gift for technology from a young age, teaching himself to code as a teenager. He attended the prestigious University of Tokyo, studying computer science and artificial intelligence. During college, Nakamura launched a successful app development startup with several classmates.

After graduation, Nakamura worked as a software engineer at a significant Japanese tech company, where he specialized in machine learning and robotics. However, his entrepreneurial spirit soon led him to leave the corporate world and launch his venture.

In 2020, Nakamura co-founded a Tokyo-based startup focused on developing cutting-edge AI and robotics technologies. The company quickly gained attention for its innovative products and secured significant funding from prominent investors. As the company’s public face, Nakamura began to establish himself as a thought leader in the tech industry.

Content Creation and Influence

Nakamura began creating content to share his knowledge and insights with a broader audience. He launched a YouTube channel and blog where he posted tech product reviews, how-to guides, explainers on emerging technologies, and interviews with other tech leaders.

As his online following grew, Nakamura expanded his content to include commentary in the broader tech industry, including trends, news and issues like data privacy, automation and the societal impacts of technology. His ability to break down complex topics in an engaging, accessible way has made him a favorite among tech enthusiasts and general audiences.

On Twitter, Nakamura shares bite-sized takes on the latest tech happenings interacts with his followers, and engages in spirited debates with other industry figures. He also uses the platform to share updates and insights from his company and entrepreneurial journey.

Today, Nakamura is seen as one of Japan’s most prominent voices on all things tech. His product reviews and recommendations hold significant sway, while mainstream media outlets often pick up his commentary. He is a frequent speaker at tech conferences in Japan and internationally and has advised the Japanese government on technology policy issues.

Mei Kobayashi: The Sustainability Champion

Environmental issues and sustainability are growing concerns to people in Japan and worldwide. In 2024, one of the country’s most prominent advocates for eco-friendly living is Mei Kobayashi, a 32-year-old environmental activist, entrepreneur, and content creator with a combined following of 5 million on Instagram, YouTube, and her blog.

Environmentalism and Zero Waste Lifestyle

Kobayashi’s journey into sustainability began in her mid-20s when she became increasingly concerned about issues like climate change, plastic pollution, and food waste. She started making changes in her own life, adopting a plant-based diet and a zero-waste lifestyle.

As she shared her experiences and tips online, Kobayashi quickly gained a following among like-minded Japanese consumers looking to live more sustainably. Her Instagram account featured photos of her eco-friendly lifestyle, from reusable products to package-free grocery hauls and sustainable fashion.

On YouTube and her blog, Kobayashi posted more in-depth content, such as tutorials on making your own eco-friendly products, guides to reducing waste, and explainers on environmental issues. She also began partnering with sustainable brands and using her platform to advocate for policy changes around single-use plastics.

Sustainable Business and Activism

In 2022, Kobayashi took her passion to the next level by launching her sustainable living brand. The company produces eco-friendly products, from reusable food wraps and water bottles to plastic-free personal care items and clothing made from recycled materials.

Kobayashi uses her online presence to promote her brand and educate her followers about sustainable consumption. She is transparent about her company’s sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping practices and frequently partners with environmental NGOs on awareness and fundraising campaigns.

Beyond her business, Kobayashi is also a prominent activist for sustainability in Japan. She has spoken at environmental conferences, led workshops and events, and even testified before the Japanese parliament on issues like plastic pollution. In 2023, she launched a foundation to support grassroots environmental initiatives across Japan.

Content and Reach

Kobayashi’s content spans the full spectrum of sustainable living, from practical tips for reducing waste to deep dives into complex environmental issues. She has a knack for making sustainability feel accessible and achievable, focusing on small changes that add up to a big impact.

Her audience is primarily millennial women in Japan who are interested in living more eco-friendly lifestyles. However, her message has resonated with a broader audience as awareness of environmental issues has grown. She receives messages from followers of all ages and genders, whom she has inspired to make positive changes.

Through her content, business, and activism, Kobayashi has established herself as one of Japan’s most trusted and influential voices on sustainability. Her work is helping to push the country towards a greener future and inspiring a new generation of eco-conscious consumers and entrepreneurs.


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