The Most Popular Travel Blogs of 2024. Keep on reading.




The most popular travel blogs of 2024. Which ones are worth reading in 2024?

Travel blogs have become platforms where you can find everything. From everything about your destination, traveling tips and much more. Reading the comprehensive reviews and experiences of avid travelers can be decisive when it comes to planning and executing trips!

The best part is the diversity, there are great resources for a variety of audiences, from students to nomads, budget backpackers to travel agencies, and beyond.

Every travel blogger starts their blog for some reason. Some just aim to earn money to fund their travels, some are just passionate about sharing experiences to a platform that can reach millions of audiences. Some are hungry for more and want to built a global platform and make good money with it. It is all possible. But now in 2024 a little bit harder, because there are already so much blogs out there.

However, all good blogs have one thing in common: they are unique and authentic. The ones that are worth following are blogs that are full of stories, experiences, and advises that cannot be found anywhere else.

So, we found some blogs for you that share unique content and bring value to the audiences. The most popular traveling blogs you should know! Are you really curious about the topic? Travel blogs are very popular. Everyone wants to travel nowadays and make money with your blog What’s better than traveling the world and making money with it?.

But here are 4 travel blogs that you should know about in 2024. The future is now!

1. Nomadic Matt

The man behind this awesome travel tips blog is Matthew Kepnes. He has been a traveler for a very long time and he provides actionable tips to travel better and cheaper. He is considered one of the pioneers in travel blogging. His website is featured in many popular magazines and his website became a big business with many writers. He started in 2008 with his blog and now he makes around 50.000 dollar a month from his blog with 1.5 million unique visitors. He makes money with affiliate marketing and sponsored content and he has a shop on his website.

Matt also published a book named “How to Travel the World on $50 a day”. The book became a New York Times bestseller. He has also created a community of travelers who help each other to travel more. He is worth 4 million in 2024.

2.Finding Beyond

British couple Darren and Shelley found it hard to live in one place for too long. So they sold all they owned and adopted a digital nomad lifestyle. For the past 11 years, they’ve been traveling to various destinations on a budget. They are traveling and working at the same time on their blog. They are living the good life.They dont have so much visitors (check for visitors amount) and they make money with sponsored content and affiliate marketing. They are living the good life for sure. They are probably not blogging rich, but make enough to travel the world. An inspirational traveling blog. You don’t have to get rich. If you make enough money to pay for your travels, it is also great right?

3.The Poor Traveler

Yosh Dimen and Vins Carlos knew almost nothing when they started traveling. They were struggling in their early days. They made some really bad choices and got scammed several times. So they created this blog to let travelers know what NOT to do while planning a trip. They started in 2009 and now its a professional website with 1 million visitors that makes good money with advertising and affiliate marketing. A very good blog for the starting traveler me I guess, havent seen so much actually). They have a lot of likes and followers on Facebook, and it’s still growing fast. Their consistent search- and social-driven traffic has put them among the top travel blogs. They also won some awards.

4.Indie Traveller

Marek Bron was working in the video game industry before he started traveling. Being frustrated, he went to Bangkok for a 2-month trip. He got so sucked up into the world of traveling that his 2-month trip ended up in a 2-year nonstop journey. He wrote a book named “Travel the World without Worries” which is a complete guide for long-term budget travelers. His blog has 250k unique visitors a month. How much he makes with his blog is not clear but probably enough to travel the world.

If you are planning your next trip, these blogs will help you in many ways.

Thinking about starting your own travel blog?

Then read our other content about blogging. We give a lot of tips and advice. How to start one and how to make money with it.

You can do it! Become the next succesful travelblogger.

Mandy B.
Mandy B.
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