The most popular personal blogs of 2024. is it I popular?





A little ego won’t hurt nobody, right? But its not really like a personal blog actually…its more iike an allround lifestyle magazine full of creativity on manu ways. 

Want to become a succesful blogger to? Then take this course! Make it a brand and build your online business.

Blogging is not dead, its just different. You got to handle it different. 

The most popular blogs of 2024. Which ones should you check out this upcoming summer?  Its time to start reading online again. Get inspired by other bloggers and start your own blogging empire now!

What is a personal blog?

The first question that comes to mind when we hear the word “blog” or “personal blog,” is probably: “What is a personal blog?” A blog can be a great way to connect with your fans/readers but also with customers, promote your business and enhance your brand awareness by providing valuable content that they can learn from and benefit from.

A personal blog is like a diary where you write about thoughts, ideas and feelings. These blogs are often written by the owner themselves where they share their life and thoughts, as well as voice their opinion on subjects they care deeply about. Personal blogs were very trending back in the days. Everyone was blogging and a lot of bloggers quit because they saw no results. Or they continued on Instagram and Youtube. Nowadays its more about TikTok and more about educational/informative blogs. People still use Google, but its getting competition…

Becoming rich with a personal mommy life blog? No not gonna happen. Maybe if your name is Rihanna. People want to know all about her child and life nowadays, but she is very keen on her private life. It could be a business venture though. A mommy blog;)

Benefits of Personal Blogging

By blogging, we can showcase our expertise, gain respect from others in the industry, and help out clients by way of recommendations. Blogging can be easy and fun, and the benefits are numerous. You can do it as a hobby but blogs are also businesses. A lot of people turned their personal blog into a money machine.

Here are 4 personal blogs you should check out in 2024😉

a little ego won’t hurt nobody. Well is my own blog. It is a little bit of a personal blog. Its a creative “little” magazine with a personal twist. Its actually just brilliant, but nobody will say that of course.  With my ideas, campaigns, looks, thoughts and more. But its mixed up with informative/educational and entertaining content. Things people search and google for. Famous brands, people and reviews. Of course you don’t only want to write about your thoughts and ideas but also about trending topics. This way you will get readers and readers is what you need. Its an allround lifestyle blog full of creativity. I hope you like it and will follow me on my blogging journey. Keep on checking the blog everyday for new content and fashion and beauty shoots.

2.Mark Manson:

Mark Manson is a very successful blogger and writer. He is the author of the new york times bestselling book the subtle Art of not giving a f*ck. Get it here. He writes on a variety of topics based on life. Psychology, self-improvement, relationships, life advice, etc. He tends to lean more towards self-help and psychology than other bloggers in the niche.

The personal development niche has been quite competitive the last few years, and it can be hard for a website to stand out. He started back in the days, in 2007 and the website now has more then 2 million unique visitors (okay, nothing compared to my 5000 unique visitors a month). He offers a unique style of writing, and his blog is full of helpful advice for people who are looking to make their lives better. Mark’s blog could easily be the next big thing on the scene.

Manson does not hold back in his writing. He appeals to emotions, he knows how to use humor and irony in a very intelligent way. Manson’s blog is definitely worth reading, you might even get a few laughs out of it. It’s a very interesting and different type of blog from what I have seen before, but also contains useful information.

A great inspiration.

His net worth is 2 million in 2024.

3.Zen habits

Created by Leo Babauta in 2007. Zen habits is a personal blog about life and minimalism. If you want to learn how to simplify your life, be more mindful, and be productive, you’ll love this blog. 

How to master your life? How to get a self-sufficient mind?and what to do when you feel scattered? This and more on the blog.

We could not find anything about his net worth, but he is probably a millionaire. We also could not find how much he makes a month with this website. A great way to make money with a premium advertising network is Mediavine. Make 10 till 20 dollar for every 1000 pageviews. Having 1 million visitors? Boom! You will be rich soon. 

4.Mr. Money Mustache

The best niche to be in: personal finance. Everyone wants to read about someone personal finance and income. How to retire early? The fire movement. He writes about how he saved money, where he invested it, and how he achieved “financial freedom through badassity. Its trending nowadays to talk about how you spend your money and how you make money. I would like to launch in the future. A finance blog, cause this will make you the most money eventually. Fashion and beauty is nice, but not the best blogging niche for a lot of money from advertisers.

Peter Adeney is the founder of Mr. Money Mustache who retired from his job as a software engineer at age 30. In 2011, he launched this blog and it became a big success. It has become a worldwide cult phenomenon, with a self-organizing community and incredible news daily. He makes money with paid partnerships with banks for example and affiliate marketing (he recommends finance products). His website has 1 million unique visitors a month. So his blog is a big success.

His net worth is worth around 3 till 5 million in 2024 ( we dont know the exact number).

So are you inspired to start a blog? A personal inspirational/educational blog? A fashion blog? A beauty blog? A life blog? Or mix it up and make it an allround blog for women or men. Of course there are so many blogs already, but who says you cant get better than them? Think different, write better and lets work it!

For blogging information and advice, you have to read the rest of our content. We give a lot of advice and tips for upcoming bloggers.

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mandy b.
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