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In recent years, street art has become a primary artistic expression, especially in the fashion industry. Street art and fashion have an intertwined relationship that has proven to be a great collaboration.

What is Street Art?

Street art is visual art created in public spaces like walls, streets, and buildings. It is a kind of art that is often made without the permission of property owners and can be considered illegal. Street art can take many forms, including graffiti, murals, stickers, wheatpaste posters, and installations.

Types of Street Art

  • Graffitiis street art that involves writing or drawing on walls, often with spray paint. Graffiti has been used as a form of expression for many years and can be found in cities worldwide.
  • Murals:Murals are large-scale paintings that are created on walls or buildings. They can be painted with various materials, including spray paint, acrylic paint, and stencils. Murals can be a powerful form of street art that can transform a neighborhood and bring attention to important issues.
  • Stickers:Stickers are a form of street art that involves placing stickers on public surfaces. Stickers can be a quick and easy way for artists to create street art and can be found in many urban areas.
  • Wheatpaste Posters:Wheatpaste posters are created by pasting printed designs onto public surfaces. The designs are often printed on paper and are attached to walls using wheatpaste, a mixture of flour and water.
  • Installations:Street art installations involve creating a physical object or sculpture in a public space. These installations can be temporary or permanent and can take many different forms.

The Purpose of Street Art

Street art is often created as a form of expression and can be a way for artists to communicate their thoughts and ideas with the public. Street art can also be used as a protest, drawing attention to social and political issues. Street art can transform urban spaces, making them more vibrant and exciting.

Is Street Art Illegal?

Street art is often considered illegal, as it is created without the permission of property owners. However, attitudes towards street art are changing, and many cities are beginning to embrace street art as a form of public art. Some cities have designated areas where street art is legal, while others have commissioned street artists to create public murals and installations.

Street Art and Fashion Collaboration

Street art and fashion have had a close relationship for many years. Street art has inspired fashion designers and incorporated its aesthetic into their collections. Street artists have also collaborated with fashion brands to create limited-edition collections that feature their artwork.

Fashion and Street Art Collaboration Examples

There are many examples of successful collaborations between fashion brands and street artists. One of the most well-known collaborations is between the luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton and the street artist Stephen Sprouse. Sprouse created a series of graffiti-inspired designs for Louis Vuitton, featured on bags, shoes, and other accessories. The collection was a huge success and was sold out within hours of its release. Unfortunately Sprouse is no longer alive.

Another notable collaboration is between the fashion brand Adidas and the street artist Shepard Fairey. Fairey created a series of designs featuring his signature style of bold graphics and political messages. The plans were featured in a limited edition collection of sneakers and apparel, which sold out quickly.

Benefits of Street Art and Fashion Collaboration

Collaborations between street artists and fashion brands bring many benefits to both industries.

For street artists, collaborations with fashion brands provide a platform for their work to be seen by a wider audience. It also allows them to showcase their work in a new medium, such as fashion design.

For fashion brands, collaborations with street artists bring fresh and innovative design ideas. Street artists often have a unique perspective on design and can provide fashion brands with new patterns, colors, and designs.

Collaborations With Fashion Designers On The Runway

Street artists and fashion designers have often worked together on runway collections. These partnerships provide a fresh perspective to fashion design by fusing distinctive street art aesthetics with high-end clothing.

One of the unique partnerships is between street artist Kenny Scharf and fashion designer Jeremy Scott. Scott’s 2013 runway collection highlighted Scharf’s vivid and daring creations, which was a big hit. Bright hues, wacky patterns, and whimsy figures from the collection were evocative of Scharf’s street art.

Another important partnership is between the street artist Mr. A and the fashion label Moschino. In Moschino’s 2015 collection, a cartoonish figure with an X for a mouth—Mr. A’s iconic design—was prominently shown. Bright colors and enormous designs characterized the collection, a daring and comical take on high fashion.

Known Companies That Use Street Art

Street art has been integrated into several fashion designers’ designs. The fashion label Diesel is one of the most known examples since they have long used graffiti-inspired graphics on their apparel and accessories. The company, such as the one with Shepard Fairey, has commissioned even limited edition collections by street artists.

The clothing line G-Star Raw is another company incorporating street art into its products. The company and the street artist Skount worked together to produce several art-inspired patterns for their apparel and accessories.

Designers That Create Street/Graffiti Clothing

Moreover, some designers focus on producing garments using street art and graffiti as inspiration. These designers often use strong graphics and vibrant colors to create distinctive and arresting designs.

Shepard Fairey, the artist who founded the Obey Giant clothing line, is one of the most well-known streetwear designers. Political statements and vivid images are often included in Fairey’s designs, which have become recognizable in streetwear.

The artist KAWS is another well-known fashion designer who has worked with labels like Uniqlo and Dior to produce limited-edition collections. KAWS often incorporates his iconic character, a cartoonish persona with Xs for eyes, into his creations.

The Benefits of Street Art in the Fashion Industry

  • Street Art brings new ideas and inspiration.

Street art is often created in response to current events and issues, making it a powerful source of inspiration for fashion designers. It can inspire new patterns, colors, and designs that can be incorporated into clothing collections. Collaborating with street artists can bring a unique perspective and innovative ideas to fashion design.

  • Street Art makes fashion more accessible.

Street art is created in public spaces, which makes it accessible to everyone. Similarly, collaborations with street artists make fashion more accessible and affordable to a broader audience. Limited edition collections that feature street art designs often have lower price points, making them more accessible to a broader range of consumers.

  • Street Art adds personality to fashion.

Street art is often a reflection of the artist’s personality and beliefs. Collaborating with street artists can bring character and individuality to fashion design. It allows fashion brands to differentiate themselves from competitors and create a unique identity.

  • Street Art can promote social and political messages.

Street art often carries social or political messages that can resonate with consumers. Collaborating with street artists can allow fashion brands to communicate important messages to their customers. This can help build brand loyalty and a positive image.


The collaboration between street art and fashion has proven to be a successful partnership that benefits both industries. Street art brings new ideas, accessibility, personality, and social and political messages to fashion design. It allows fashion brands to stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors. We can expect more collaborations between street artists and fashion designers as this relationship thrives.


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