The best beauty blogs of 2022. Which one? Read mroe here.




The best beauty blogs of 2022. Curious? Then keep on reading.

Would you like to pursue a career in the world of blogging? You’ve come to the right place. Here are the best beauty bloggers in 2022 to follow for everyday needs. Beauty blogging is not dead and will not be dead anytime soon. But blogging changed a bit. The focus is more on social media then on blogging, but nobody can ignores killer content that ranks high in Google.

Your search for beauty trends will never end, regardless of how beautiful you are or how much makeup you wear. While you may surf the internet for the latest cosmetic products and discuss them with friends, you will still miss top-quality brands that suit your skin tone. We are here to help you get started. Beauty bloggers are just a click away. Beauty blogs, beauty product reviews, DIY methods, podcasts, and video tutorials have been developed to reach a potential audience and improve lives.

We’ve done hours of research and provided the most popular influencers to follow to make things easier for you. Let’s dig into it!

Here are the top 5 best beauty blogs of 2022:

1.Glamour – Best Professional Beauty Blog

Put Glamour on your must-read list if you want the latest information on beauty trends, politics, and entertainment. Glamour covers all the latest fashion, beauty, entertainment, and culture and is available worldwide. This magazine is a must-read if you want to know how to wear a button-down shirt or the beauty routines of leadingcelebrities. Of course this magazine is much more than just a beauty magazine. It was actually a fashion magazine and it was founded a long time ago, in 1939, a fashion magazine for women, but It covers a lot of topics now and became an allround magazine with millions of traffic every month. It has good and inspiring beauty content. Like for example this article. This highly regarded site is dedicated to celebrating and empowering women. Are you the type to empower women? Then read this.

2.Into the Gloss – Best Blog for Beauty Tips and Guides

If you’re looking for real-life beauty tips, check out this blog: Into the Gloss. The site provides its readers with informative and entertaining stories, interviews, and motivational content to inspire and empower them. Its founded in 2010 by Emily Weiss and its aimed at young adults. Along with its interesting content, Into the Gloss has its own brand of beauty products. In 2014, the team behind this blog launched Glossier, a modern beauty brand focused on making products inspired by the people who use them. The audience can shop for all the newest and most popular Glossier products on their online shopping page. THat is a dream of this fashion & beauty magazine, launching our own line of fashion and beauty products. But this hard all on your own so we could use a businesspartner for that. For know we run our brand alone.

3.New Beauty – Best Beauty Advice Blog

A wide variety of beauty topics are covered on New Beauty for women of all ages, colors, and lifestyles. Your beauty-related questions and concerns are addressed through engaging interviews, best beauty blogs, feature stories, and product reviews. New Beauty also features valuable information and videos about various cosmetic procedures and beauty treatments in addition to general content about face, body, and hair care. A unique feature of this website is its Find a Doctor page, where you can find a dedicated doctor according to your needs

4.Budget Fashionista – Best Budget Beauty Blog

The name actually says its a fashion blog, but its combined with fashion and beauty. Just like our website actually. Passion for both! Somethins you start with fashion, but you also like beauty so your blogs has more topics overtime.

Fashion does not have to be expensive to be trendy and stylish. We use some cheap brands and we look stylish right? We love brands like Berskha, Boohoo and Prettylittlething. The owner of this popular budget beauty website, Budget Fashionista, Catherine is a personal finance contributor and beauty influencer who helps her audience find great clothes and accessories at good prices. Budget Fashionista offers valuable, budget-friendly tips and information about all the latest trends in fashion and beauty, no matter your age or body size. Catherine can help you look your best without maxing out your credit card, whether it’s seasonal wear, everyday fashion, or a special occasion outfit. Additionally, Budget Fashionista has its online store, Byrnie, where you can purchase beautiful, stylish clothes in regular sizes at affordable prices. Another brand that started their own shop.Want to read more about how to promote your fashion brand? Read this!

5.Wendy Rowe – Professional advice for make-up, hair, welness and more from a make-up artist

Make-up Artist and Beauty Expert Wendy Rowe has established herself as a highly sought-after talent and is globally recognised for working with beauty brands to design and recreate their DNA. This woman really is a make-up artist starting here own blog empire. A woman we can learn a lot from cause we are definitely not an expert in beauty yet. We would love to be, but we are learning. She writes about the latest make-up products, hair products. She writes tips for beauty editors or personal product advice for friends. You will also hear secrets from industry experts. The ins and outs about make-up. You’ll know the treatments worth having and the fitness retreats that work. She tried it all. Its an inspiring website full of content. But remember ladies: you dont have to be a makeup artist to start your own beauty blog. If you have a passion for make-up you can let it done by make-up artist of practice yourself of course. Become a selfmade make-up artist.

I hope we were a good help for starting your beauty blog adventure. We have reviewed a lot of beauty blogs and chose the ones that we thought were most up-to-date and provided trendy and valuable information. Blogging in any niche is not easy, however with the right approach and research, everything is possible. Are you ready to start your own blog? Do you like to start a fashionblog or beauty blog in 2022? Here is more information for you. Tip from us as blogging expert combine the two and make it a broader blog so you have more chance of getting big with it. Goodluck!

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mandy b.
mandy b.
Online entrepreneur, writer and creative director. I have many (also Dutch, because I am actually Dutch) blogs, but this is my personal fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog. I like to play dress up & make me pretty. I love fashion and make up, mixing colors, styling, streetart etc. I am not an expert in both yet, but im on my way. But creating & caring are my second names.
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