The 2 faced look from my favorite woman in the world: Marilyn Monroe




But sweetie, if you are going to be 2 faced, at least make one of them pretty. I think a lot of women have 2 faces or had 2 faces. You always try to be your best, but we all deal with demons and negativity sometimes and of course we all can be a bitch sometimes;)

You will probably know this quote from Marilyn Monroe. The most famous woman in the world.

She was famous, but she was unhappy and she died from an overdose of drugs (if this is really true). Admired by many men, but lonely at the end of the day. Like a lot of women are actually nowadays. The truth of this society.

We like to make original looks and we could not miss this famous look from Marilyn. We love this woman and this is a real inspiration for women of today.

Let us know what you think of it. Good job right?

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Hair & makeup bij Mariska Kuijper

Stay tuned for more original edgy looks.

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mandy b.
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