Starting a celebrity blog in 2024. How and what?




Starting a celebrity blog in 2024. Buw how?

So you want to start a gossip/celebrity blog full of news, entertainment, and more. Juice blogs all everywhere now, even in the Netherlands. You got the juice, bring the juice into the blogs and make money.

Do you want to start professional right away. Then I suggest you to take this masterclass course. Its very good and teaches you everything. 

Its trending nowadays. Everyone wants to read the latest gossip about stars as Drake, Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown, Ciara and Kylie Jenner. Who is drake dating in 2023?. Is he married? Who is Kim Kardashian dating? Why is Kylie Jenner actually so popular?

Of course you already have a lot of celebrity blogs like Pagesix, Perez Hilton his blog of course, TMZ and lots of more. But for good ideas there is always room for more. You have the juice? Bring it into a blog and start making money with it.

Blogging is not dead in 2023.

When was The Shade Room created?

This blog was created in 2014 but is a media brand now. Its really a brand with a lot of traffic and followers.

Angelica Nwandu is the founder of The Shade Room, an Instagram-based media empire reaching over 15+ Million active followers and a highly-engaged website with millions of traffic

The Shade Room (TSR) is anchored on celebrating Black culture and entertainment but transcends all celebrity news and society.

So how does the website make money?

Advertising (probably Mediavine, all the good blogs use Mediavine for good money) and sponsored content. You pay a lot of money to come with your article on this blog.

GMC, McDonald’s and CoverGirl are some of the major advertisers stepping into The Shade Room. There is no news about what they pay for sponsored content.

The owner is a millionaire because of her successful brand. 8 years later. Remember things take time. Don’t rush the blogging process.

And she is millionaire just because of a celebrity blog. Can you imagine?

Your blog can turn into something big. The internet has a lot of opportunities for smart entrepreneurs.

ready to start your own gossip blog? Do you got all the juice? Then bring into on the blog!

Become a celebrity gossip blogging millionaire in 10 years.


mandy b.
mandy b.
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