Scarface quote. First you get the Respect, Power, money comes last (takes most time).




A new campaign, a new look.

A Scarface oversized tee with a legging., Leggings, like what? Are they back in 2023? Yes they are. Totally edgy! Read more here.

What about a graffiti legging? Streetart x movement clothes…Maybe soon in my shop! 

First you work hard and you gain Respect, then you get some Power and as last you get the money.I say Respect for the hard work. 

Money takes the longest of course, especially with blogging. Blogging is a long term process and can take years for making a fulltime income.

Is this your thing to?. Are you creative, do you like writing and showing your looks? Many people think that blogging is dead, but since everyone is on Instagram and TikTok, tis better to start a blog/brand these days. Do it professional. Start a blog/brand with interesting content. Don’t only write about your only life. Write about things where people search for. Information and education. Want to know and learn more? Take this course and become a brand/blogging pro! Goodluck!

And the plateayboots? Get them at Berskha, If they still have them. 

mandy b.
mandy b.
Founder, owner, writer & (coming up this summer)
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