Reasons why fashion is important. Keep on reading!




Reasons why fashion is important. Curious? Its emotions of course;) But there is more!

Fashion. Is it actually important? Does is matter? Some will say no. Its a luxury issue, but for others it can me much more than that.

Its a way of life, a way to express yourself, a way to say who you are without having to speak.

It’s safe to say that fashion is universal and can include various cultural and spiritual connections.

Here are some reasons why fashion is important

1.Fashion is Self-Expression

Fashion is a form of self-expression. You can play with fashion and put emotions in it. You dress how you feel. Feeling happy? You dress happy and colorful. Feeling down? You dress black. For a lot of designers, stylist and other works into fashion they love the art of creating and expressing yourself with colors and fabrics. Fashion is a form of art. Fashion is emotions!

2.The first impression

You dress to express, but maybe also a bit to impress right?

Of course we know that a first impression is extremely important. With fashion you make the first impression. So the outfit you wear, the jewelry you pick, along with accessories, all these things can make a huge impact on another person. It all depends if you are going for business meeting or just a friendship meeting. For work clothes I suggest you to have a look here.

3.You can connect with like-minded fashionable people

Is fashion your passion? Do you love shopping? It’s so fun to connect with other ladies who love shopping and are aware of the latest trends. You can find new contacts and even make friends in the fashion industry. How great is that?

4.Fashion is a huge business for the economy

Fashion is not just a fun hobby. Fashion is business. Fashion makes money. It helps the economy.

Fashion is a billion dollar industry and is important for the economy. The economic impact of the fashion industry is huge. Even in recession times.

So what is the most important reason for you? For me its expressing myself. Fashion is a way of life. You can put your emotions in it. You can be creative with it and play with colors.

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mandy b.
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