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Im Dutch and you? Loving my new pants and Bomber jacket from..




Hello: Im Dutch! Im from Naarden. The star city., 

Dutch is much, but they all like to throw shade and bring dutch people down.

I always knew I was a big one, but he people never listened. When you go mad, you wil go also genius. These two world go together. No more money spilling on research and science for that.

Im from the Netherlands and the color Orange is very trending nowadays so thats a good thing. So I bought this dope pants @ZARA. Im not a really big fan of Zara, but they do have dope items sometimes. You have to look very good. 

The quality is okay. Its a bit the same as Berskha and H&M. Also Bomber jackets are still trending and this one is also from the Zara. So its a ZARA look!

So what do you think of this outfit and this dope shoot in a tunnel?

I wanted to say for this shot: There is light after dark:) It has been so dark, but I am came out of it and see a lot of light. She bright, aint going anywhere. .

A lot of people in the Netherlands are simple and small minded, most people don’t think that much. and then there is me: out of my mind, outminded, whatever. 

So yeah I think its time to travel or something cause the walls are getting closer and closer. 

So how are Dutch people actually? I dont really know, because im not really Dutch actually. My character is not and my temparement is not either. 

Dutch people are known for their pragmatism, openness, and egalitarian values. They value direct communication and honesty, often preferring clarity over ambiguity in interactions. Dutch culture emphasizes a strong work ethic balanced with a commitment to work-life balance, reflecting a practical approach to life.

Socially, Dutch society is characterized by a high level of tolerance and acceptance of diversity. The Netherlands has a long history of liberalism, with progressive attitudes towards issues such as LGBTQ+ rights, euthanasia, and drug policy. This openness contributes to a relatively relaxed and inclusive atmosphere in Dutch communities.

Education and innovation are highly valued in Dutch culture, with the Netherlands consistently ranking well in global education and innovation indices. Dutch people are often multilingual, with many fluent in English alongside Dutch and sometimes other languages.

Culturally, the Netherlands is renowned for its art, architecture, and contributions to global trade and commerce. Dutch cuisine features hearty dishes like stamppot and haring, alongside international influences due to the country’s history of exploration and trade.

Overall, Dutch people are seen as forward-thinking, practical, and socially progressive, contributing to a vibrant and dynamic society that values both individual freedom and collective responsibility.


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