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Hello everyone!

I have a fun new makeup look to share – orange eyeshadow! As a Dutch woman, I love rocking this bold, bright color representing my home country.

The color orange holds a special meaning for people in the Netherlands. It’s the national color and a massive source of pride. You’ll see it everywhere – from sports jerseys to flags to traditional costumes. Orange is a symbol of national unity and independence.

The Dutch connection to the color orange dates back to the 16th century, when William of Orange led the Dutch Revolt against the Spanish Habsburg monarchy. William is considered the founding father of the Netherlands, so orange became a patriotic color associated with liberty and Protestantism.

To this day, you’ll see Dutch people wearing orange to support their national sports teams or to celebrate national holidays like King’s Day. The entire country turns orange every April 27th for King’s Day festivities. This tradition started in honor of William of Orange. Everyone dons orange clothing, accessories, and even dyed hair.

So wearing orange eyeshadow is fun to show Dutch pride and feel connected to my heritage. It’s also on trend right now, which I love! Bright, neon makeup looks are so popular in 2022.

As a Dutch makeup artist, I love using orange shadow all over the lid and blending it into the crease. A matte formula is best, so it pops. I also add pops of metallic orange shimmer in the inner corners and center of the lid.

The Power of Orange in Dutch Culture

Let’s dive deeper into why orange holds such meaning in the Netherlands.

As mentioned, it first became a symbol back in the 16th century. William of Orange was one of the leaders of the Dutch Revolt against the Spanish King Phillip II. He fought for the Netherlands’ independence and is considered the father of the Dutch nation.

The color was used on William’s army’s uniforms, flags, and banners. It came from William’s noble title as Prince of Orange. This principality was located in Southern France.

William’s leadership was crucial to the revolt’s success. Although he died before the country officially gained independence, he was still honored as a founding father. The color orange became a patriotic symbol representing Dutch liberty.

Artistic Dutch Culture

Beyond orange, creativity and the arts are also essential to Dutch culture. The Netherlands has produced some of the most groundbreaking artists in Western history.

During the 17th-century Dutch Golden Age, masters like Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, and Frans Hals revolutionized painting with their innovative styles and the use of light.

The Dutch were also early pioneers in architecture, economics, science, and technology. This was an enlightened, progressive cultural period. Critical values like intellectualism, entrepreneurship, and religious tolerance defined the Dutch Golden Age.

This creative Dutch spirit continues to thrive today. Contemporary Dutch artists are acclaimed worldwide across music, fashion design, graphic design, and more. DJs like Martin Garrix and Afrojack are global superstars. Iris van Herpen amazes me with her wildly futuristic couture on runways in Paris. Graphic artist M.C. Escher’s mind-bending drawings are iconic.

I embrace my heritage as a Dutch artist and see orange eye makeup as an extension of this cultural legacy. The bold color and graphic shapes celebrate that artistic spirit. And on a deeper level, orange shadow allows me to honor my homeland and feel connected to its history.

Blending Tradition and Trends

So in many ways, my orange eyeliner look fuses national tradition with current makeup trends. Orange shadow is very on-trend right now, which I love!

Vibrant, statement eye looks are huge across social media and on celebrity red carpets. Models walked the runway at Versace and other shows, rocking graphic neon shadows in every color.

Euphoria makeup has also been massively influential. This hit HBO show features makeup artist Donni Davy’s wild glitter cut creases, rhinestones, and color combos. Gen Z creatives have been recreating and remixing these artistic makeup designs.

By wearing ultra-bright orange shadow, I’m able to celebrate my Dutch heritage while also looking fashion forward. I balance tradition and trends to create something unique.

The Power of Honoring Roots

That’s the more profound power of choosing this orange eyeshadow look as a Dutch woman. It allows me to honor my roots and feel deeply connected to that heritage.

I may not wear a complete orange ensemble like at King’s Day festivals, but the shadow evokes that spirit of Dutch culture. Incorporating touches of traditional national pride into my modern makeup art feels meaningful.

I also love representing my background in a fun, artistic way through makeup. Self-expression and creativity run so strongly through Dutch history. I aim to channel that innovative spirit with my experimental techniques.

So in reflecting on my culture, I feel grateful for the rich artistic legacy of the Netherlands. I’m proud to carry on that spirit as a Dutch creative. And I feel inspired knowing the iconic orange color connects me back through the centuries to my ancestors.

At the same time, I can modernize these traditions and interpret Dutch cultural symbols in new ways. Blending heritage and innovation is very rewarding.

In closing, I’m sending blessings to all my fellow Dutch creatives. Wear that orange shadow proudly, my friends!


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