Most Popular Female YouTubers Of 2024.




The most popular female YouTubers of 2024. Who that? Even heard of Nikkie Tutorials?

One of the most popular sites for video material is YouTube. And as a consequence of garnering millions of views and followers on YouTube, many YouTubers have made a name for themselves as celebrities. YouTubers who are women are not exempt. Only 38% of YouTube users are women. However, they can still flourish there since some well-known and up-and-coming YouTubers are now ruling the site.

The top female YouTubers that are presently having success on the platform will be covered in this article.

Top Female Youtubers In 2024, Listed.

As we can see, over the last 10 years, female YouTubers have seen a sharp increase in popularity and impact.

Let’s now have a look at the top 8 female YouTubers you need to know in 2024. Read on!


Alia Shelesh aka SSSniperWolf is a prominent female YouTuber in 2024 with a lot of subscribers (32 million),. Lia, who plays video games under the alias SSSniperWolf, is well-known. Call of Duty gaming was first featured on her channel, but it eventually became a response and reality channel. Although she no longer often participates in sponsored or branded YouTube videos, she continues to advertise Neutrogena products on her social media pages.

2.Yuya Mariand

Another individual on our list of the top female YouTubers in 2024 is Yuya Mariand Castaeda. Her YouTube channel is called Yuya. This Spanish content creator joined YouTube when she was 16 after winning a cosmetics contest. Her videos mainly advise on clothing, hair, makeup, and style. She is a prominent female YouTuber with 24.9 million channel followers. She launched her product line because of her reputation and success as a beauty influencer. She debuted the fragrance #True in 2015, then in 2017, she introduced a cosmetics line.

3.Jenna Marbles

One of the top female YouTubers in 2023 is Jenna Mourey. Jenna Marbles is the name of her YouTube channel, which has a lot of subscrivers. She became well-known in 2010 when one of her videos titled “How to deceive people into believing you’re good-looking” went viral. In the first week, the video received more than 5 million views, catapulting Jenna to prominence. She acts as an actor and a comedian in the U.S. Her dog-inspired YouTube channel, Mr Marbles, has more than 19.9 million subscribers. You could see some cute movies where she invites her dog to assist her in selecting makeup or where her boyfriend gives beauty instructions.

4.Liza Koshy

Elizabeth Koshy is a prominent female YouTuber in 2023. Liza Koshy is the name of her YouTube channel. This 1996-born American superstar became well-known after signing up for YouTube in 2015. Liza is a comedian, actress, and a T.V. host. Her videos are amusing. She sometimes appears in them performing impersonations of famous people or offering amusing commentary about bathing. Liza has received several awards, including two Streamy Awards. In 2018, she portrayed the main character in the online series “Liza on Demand.” The episodes are accessible on YouTube Premium. As of 2024 she quit with her YouTube channel.

5.Caeli YT

One of the finest female YouTubers in 2024 is Patricia Caeli Lopez. Her YouTube account is called Caeli YT. She uploaded her first YouTube video in October 2010; as of now, her channel has 15.7 million followers. Millions have seen the 28-year-comedy olds and guidance videos of people all around the globe.


One of the top female YouTubers in 2024 is Lilly Singh.Big fan of this gorgeous and funny woman!

The YouTube channel for this Canadian content producer is called Superwoman. Her biting and funny commentary on Indian and Punjabi culture have helped her establish herself as a beloved figure among young people all over the globe. Forbes said that “Superwoman” was one of the highest-paid YouTube stars in the world in 2017, with more than 13 million followers and earnings of more than $10 million. In March 2017, “How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life,” her first book, was released. She posts funny skits on both her YouTube channel and her IGTV account.7. Did you know she is bisexual? We already had that feeling. She is a bit manly and different then most “barbiedolls”. aka pretty woman.


Rachel Levin, the creator of RCLbeauty101, started her YouTube career in 2010. Her DIY crafts and cosmetic advice immediately became well-liked on YouTube. Later, she started creating amusing videos that her fans thought were entertaining. Over 14.4 million people are presently subscribers to her YouTube channel. Being a beauty influencer, she constantly uses various cosmetic products in her videos.

8.Nikkie De Jager

The owner of the well-liked Nikkie Tutorials YouTube channel, Nikkie De Jager, is one of the most well-known beauty influencers. She is a leading example of a female YouTuber in 2023. She has worked with notable brands, including Maybelline, Ofra, and Too Faced. In her videos, she usually employs a variety of cosmetic brands while demonstrating product testing and makeup advice.She even has her own beauty line now: Nimya.

She is a Dutch millionaire and famous YouTuber. She is also big on Instagram and TikTok. One lady to watch!

Are you the next famous female YOUtUBERS we must know?

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