Is the life of an Artist difficult? The life of a creative.




Is the life of an Artist difficult? Can it make you rich? Or is it a hard knock life?

Yes it can, but it is not easy. You have to be discovered, you have to find a way to make your craft profitable and this is not easy. Some find their way into fame, others find their own business.

I think there are many struggling artists out there that don’t know how to make money with their passion, with their paintings, their drawings, their music. They have normal jobs next to their art work or they are struggling to find and keep a job.

Some leave it there, others fight for their art. Just like I do. I like many artist turn to the web and try to make a living online and we are to help you!Moneyhasit that most artists don’t make a living from their art.

I found my way into blogging. I can put my ideas in writing, designing, ideamaking, styling and building brands. I think iammandyb is a piece of art. A fighter who wants her freedom and shows her creativity.

I need a lot of artists and creative people need their freedom. These people are not born for 9 till 5 jobs.

Its not making me enough money yet, but im on my way.

I think being rich or at least financial free, but not famous sounds like a fairtrade to me.

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mandy b.
mandy b.
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