Is SKKN by Kim a flop? Read it here




Is SKKN By Kim a flop?

She launched the new brand in June 2022, but it doesn’t get positive reviews and is not selling so good as she hoped. Maybe she should have spent more money on positive marketing on TikTok and on blogs, cause now everyone is trashing the products. Even a lot of professional skincare doctors. People Google about your products and you should invest in positive reviews from famous people and brands. Tip for brands and celebs launching products!! Work with bloggers and get positive reviews.

While Kim Kardashian is worth more then 1 billion and SKIMS(her shapewear brand) being a great success, this brand is just not it. SKKN is not really successful. It has only 200k visitors on the website, while SKIMS has like millions of visitors (more theN 5 million). Kim Caught LYING About Sales like she mostly does. Telling the media she has no lip and face fillers is also like a big lie. Read more here about it.

First of all the name is not good, you can’t even say it. And buying a skincare product from the Kardashians is just weird. We all know their faces are not the work of some expensive products. This is fillers,botox and other expensive treatments.

A 9 product line that cost 630 dollar will not do the work for your skin. Sorrynotsorry! In times of a recession this is just not working and selling.

There are too many brands on the market that are way cheaper and are actually good. We use Bareminerals and we gonna try out Fenty Skin soon and Rhode soon. Get my products here.

No matter if you have the name or not, your brand isn’t always selling well.

So dust yourself off and try again with something else. But she is worth more then 1 billion after being famous for more then 15 years now, so no matter the haters, she is doing a good job as an entrepreneur and social media influencer.

Maybe start an online magazine like Goop? and make money with affiliate marketing? Or like Poosh? The brand of Kourtney Kourdashian. Write about the things you do daily, about your life and millions of people will read it. I think a blog will do the work.

If you have the name, you have the fame and get more easily into the game. Launching a successful brand will be more easy for you.

mandy b.
mandy b.
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