Is starting a blog still worth it in 2023?




Is starting a blog still worth it in 2023? Find it out here.

I think 2023 is the best year to start a blog. A lot of people stopped blogging so that means more opportunity for you and ME on blogging ways. A lot of people google information and like to know more about their favorite stars, celebrities and artists.

Like I already said and wrote a few times. Everyone is on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Everyone wants to get seen and get famous. Of course there is opportunity on these platforms, but it also very hard. Only a few lucky make it with their platforms. They get noticed by famous people or they have something unique. But you have to know that talent is not always key to get noticed.

But do you want to be a famous blogger? Do you want to make money blogging? Is blogging your thing or do you want to learn more about it? Then this is your chance. Take this course and become a professional blogger. 

Everyone (not everyone) wants to be the next Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner on the gram.

But why? Of course social media can make you a lot of money and it can make you famous.

But in a world full of plastic dolls, its maybe a good idea to show your ideas and skills on a blog.

People still Google, people still read blogs, people still like to read and find information about their favorite stars and more.

Blogging is different then before. Don’t blog about your daily life. You can blog about your daily life once your famous but for now nobody will care. Blog about famous people and their lives and brands. Start a celebrity blog, start a lifestyle blog. Blog about things people search for and people care about. People love gossip blogs, but also a lot of people love to read daily tips and experience. They like to read information they need. People first read reviews before they buy brands. At least most people do. Also passion can bring you far.

Kourney Kardashian started a lifestyle blog in 2019 called POOSH and the website in 2022 has almost 1 million visitors. It may not be as good as the platform Goop, but she is on her way. Give it some time. Being successful costs tie.

I really don’t understand why not more celebrities start a blog. There are some celebs with a blog. read more here about it. It can be a good business model for money and also to sell your products. Why is Rihanna not starting a mommy blog? We know nothing about her baby boy..But maybe she likes it that way.

And if you are famous people just like to read how you spend your money and what you do on a day.

Fame can really have it advantage, but of course its not everything.

Some people say a private life is a happy life.

Well I like a rich life. The life of the rich and famous.

But selfmade. A selfmade rich woman is the goal. Lets go! #workit



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mandy b.
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