Is Instagram still popular in 2024? lets find it out!




Is Instagram still popular in 2024? The social media life. Is it your life?

Blogging is my life, but im not on Instagram. Instagram was not for me. My artistic side was not appreciated and liked.

Its all about likes and followers and all the Temptation Island stars join this platform to reach fame. Most won’t make it and make no money with the platform and go on Onlyfans after reaching some fame and followers. Most followers are men of course.

Nobody thinking about blogging? Starting a blog brand? And showing your creativity? I inspired nobody?

Instagram Is losing popularity and users and is trying to be TikTok and Onlyfans.

Its losing a lot of users to Onlyfans.

Why post almost naked content when you can make money with your naked content on a platform like Onlyfans?

There is a platform for erotic/lingerie content called Onlyfans and is very popular these days. All the influencers and even famous celebrities are joining it to make extra money.

Instagram has tested a subscription service similar to OnlyFans or Patreon, where followers can pay for access to a creator’s exclusive content.

I am wondering who is paying those influencers for there erotic content? You can see a lot on Instagram, why pay for it? Weird world, right?

Instagram was a artistic creative platform but nowadays its full of naked/erotic content, women showing off their bodies, full of Kardashian fans and lookalikes and if you have no likes or followers you are nothing.

I think Instagram will be dead in 10 years and another platform took over.

But he, who knows what will happen.

I hope blogging is making a comeback. Blogging is more then just pictures. It shows your creativity and skills.

Also YouTube is a full of interesting creators and people with talent. The 3 platforms of today are YouTube, TikTok and Onlyfans. On which platform are you?

Lets focus on a world with skills instead of naked bodies.






Mandy B.
Mandy B.
Explore the world of MandyB, a 32-year-old entrepreneur, writer, and creative director. Follow along as she plays dress-up and shares her journey of making herself pretty while diving into entrepreneurship and creativity.
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