Is instagram bad for your mental health?




Instagram is really bad for your mental health.

Ow yes it is! Don’t you think so?

On Instagram its nowadays all about likes and followers. How many folllowers do you have? How famous are you on the gram? Well I now have more than 660 followers on the gram, so Im not Insta famous. Im very creative but the gram doesnt really like me I guess. But of course it takes time to get seen on the gram and to get likes and followers. You actually need to post everyday or multiple times a day. You have to be online 24/7 and of course the most famous influencers are their since the start of Instagram in 2010. So that is already 12 years ago! Can you imagine?

Instagram can be frustrating, right? You see so many beautiful woman on the gram (yes of course I can be jaleous too, woman are all the same). A lot of people with photoshop of course. Thats why I also wanted to show how I look without make-up and without photoshop. (see here). Too faced right?;) I just love this brand! If you are going to be 2-faced, at least make one of them faces pretty.

But the gram is giving me headache and stress sometimes. I like showing my outfits and my style, but without likes and followers you are nothing on the gram. So then its best to start a blog and show your style and make sure people people come through Google to your blog. You can be Google famous. A good idea right? Focus on Google and SEO content so people find your website and see your looks and who knows what will happen on the gram.

Of course I know a lot of succesful influencers with lots of followers are busy working on the gram for years. Maybe even since the start of Instagram in 2010. There succes on Insta did not happen over night. The Kardashians and Jenners were on the gram since the start so you just can’t compare yourself.

But still, I started a new account this year and maybe I will be great on insta in 10 years, who knows. But who actually says Insta is still there in 10 years? Maybe Tiktok is gonna take over or some other platform. I do like seeing more and more woman showing the real you, without photoshop and without pretending like life is great all the time, cause of course its not always fun and happiness. I really like influencer Rianne Meijer. She shows the real vs not real pictures. Check her out. She really set a trend on this and she is internationally famous because of this trend. She has 1.5 million followers and she is also from the Netherlands.

So how are you feeling about Insta? Does it give you stress? Does it make you feel inscure? Are you busy growing your account? How is it going? How often you post? Let me know!

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