Is Drake a Billionaire in 2023?




Is Drake a Billionaire or is he on his way?

Like what? Is Drake a billionaire on fire? Rumor has it (, a finance blog launching in the future). We all start somewhere in life, right?

For all the Dogs?. for all the sweet pussy cats. A lot of rappers are actually pussy cats and very sweet. I think it would be a better name….most mates of him are black sweet cats. 

This guy is a billionaire! You sure? Major Distribution has it!On his new album he says he signed a major record deal of 500 dollar so that would make him the Billionaire.

While other media blogs talk about Drake having around 250 million in 2022, Nicki Minaj tells the media he is a lowkey billionaire, but he does not want people to know and I can imagine. I mean its 2022, its recession time everywhere in the world, even in Canada and America and with all the golddiggers out there, you must be careful talking about your networth.

I believe he is worth like 750 million now for sure,, but not 1 billion to be honest. AT least: not yet! After his tour this year and his new album release He will be a billionaire for sure. 

His 2016 album, Views, has been his most commercially successful. Views was good, but it was a lonely view. Im curious what was the inspiration for this album and how he gets inspiration for songs. What women inspire him to make new songs and keep going on life?

The album includes iconic songs such as; Hotline Bling, Childsplay, One Dance and Pop StyleViews was the number one album in 2016 and has made 7.7 million sales.

And now in 2022 he broke another world record. Drake breaks The Beatles’ chart record for most top five hits on Billboard Hot 100. He keeps breaking records and keeps challenging himself. We love this spirit, keep creating, keep innovating and keep yourself busy. We are a fan! He is an ambitious and kind man (at least we think so).

Drake aka Drizzy aka Aubrey Graham earned $75 million in 2021 alone. Alongside his music career Drake has a number of business interests. These include his own record label: Ovo Sound and Virginia Black Whiskey. He also has a clothing label and he is an executive producer on HBO’s Euphoria (still have to check out the serie, im always working and writing). And he is probably doing more.

Its all a big success. Everything Drake touches turns gold for sure. Privileged rappers is in gold. The song is creative.

So what you guys think?

Is he lowkey a billionaire already after his latest tour? Or is he on his way?

The life of the rich and famous.The life of a sweet pussy cat(not black though, a not black rapper is rare…

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