Is Cardi B a Billionaire in 2023? Read it here. Money talks!




Cardi a Billionaire? Curious? Keep on reading.

You like her or you hate her. But this woman has her own social media and rap empire. She is a selfmade millionaire and she did it by just being herself (of course she was noticed and lifted up by her manager). I think this woman is dope, she looks always dope and original and she is herself.

Cardi also known as Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar started out working in an Amish grocery store as a cashier before working as a stripper in New York Cite. She started on social media and started earning money as an influencer. She has 100 million followers (I think actually like 50 but okay), everyone does this on social media.

Cardi B first rose to fame on social media, with her Instagram and Vine (RIP) videos going viral around 2013 when she was still a stripper. Thanks to her personality she was cast in Love & Hip Hop: New York on VH1. She appeared on the reality series from 2015 to 2017 and was considered the biggest breakout star.

After that she started her music career. She was discovered and got a manager. In November 2015, Cardi made her rap debut on “Boom Boom” by Shaggy featuring Popcaan. Check the video her.

June 2017 dropped the single that would make her a mainstream megastar, “Bodak Yellow” and the rest is actually history. A lot of people know her by this music video. It has more then 1 miljard views on Youtube.

But then: how much is she worth? Rumor (the internet of course) says she is worth 40 million in 2022. Because of her music, influencer career, collabs/advertising partnerships with brands like Pepsi, Lyft, Steve Madden, Fashion Nova and Reebok.

Cardi B did said to the media that she wants to be a billion dollar woman like Rihanna. “That’s what I want. I want to be a billion-dollar woman. I want to build a huge brand.”.

Rihanna is worth almost 2 billion in 2023. 

But Cardi, why don’t you start your own make-up line? Ur wigs line? or fashion line? Or nails line? You have the looks, name, fame and thus the game. Work it. Start something for yourself. 

Or a lifestyle blog? Write popular trending blogs and put a premium advertiser on it like Mediavine for example. Make millions with advertising and affiliate marketing and your own products. 

Affiliate marketing is when you recommend products and get a percentage of the sale. Everyone wants to know what you love and wear and will buy this.

Anyway Cardi B is not a Billionaire yet but I think she will become on in like 5/10 years. Maybe she wil launch her own brand, stay tuned. We keep you updated! 






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