Is a creative lifestyle hard? The money as a creative can be a problem! Read on.




Is a creative lifestyle hard?

Yes I do really think so.

I speak from experience. I am a very creative person.

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I am very creative, but struggling with some problems. I think a lot of creatives have problems. Things like depression, sleeping problems and problems making money. all the time. Living from their talent.

Guts over Fear, but some days its just fear thats here.

There are many rich and talented people, of course people like Drake, Lady Gady, Gwen Stefani, Rita Ora and Rihanna (and lots of more of course). Rita Ora is very talented, but not so famous. You don’t hear that much about here.

But we also all know the story of the broke Van Gogh. But he was not tht poor after all.

As a creative person, you will have something stronger inside of you that is growing and fighting to be heard: your own true voice. You want to be seen, noticed and you like to be known for your creative talent. You just like to create art.


Its a fact most artist don’t make a living from their art. A lot of talented artists are broke.

I once was there, now I am almost a fulltime blogger. I turned my creative talented into writing, blogging and online entrepreneurship. I think a lot of creatives turn towards the web and become influencers, YouTubers, bloggers etc. I know have 3 blogs and more are coming. The ideas are here.

A lot of artists have other jobs or don’t work at all. The art and entertainment industry is not that easy.

Painting, designing, drawing, writing. Creative people love it.

Keep doing what you love, follow that passion and find financial people that can help you with the financial part.

Turn towards the web. Start a blog or YouTube channel. Show your skills and keep believing in it.

Art is my life, its everything and Im very happy to say its finally making me money.





mandy b.
mandy b.
Founder, owner, writer & (coming up this summer)
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