Influencer Jasmine Sanders aka the Golden Barbie. Who is she?




Influencer Jasmine Sanders is popularly known as the Golden Barbie. Although, people knew about this German-American model through social media, she is so much more than that and she got a great career in the modelling industry. Read on to find more about her.

There is not so much information about her on Google. She is bit under the radar. I think she deserves more attention.

Jasmine Sanders is not only an influencer on Instagram and TikTok, she is also a famous model.

Early Life of Influencer Jasmine Sanders

The first job in high school Jasmine had was at Firehouse Subs. It made her a team player and she was not ashamed of her job title. She proudly says that she was always ready to cover every position.

Once, media asked about her mistakes in life and she said, ‘I would never call them mistakes because I feel as though I made the right decision with the information I had at the time.’

In an interview, Jasmine said, ‘I believe everyone has to work on building their confidence at different points in their life. My biggest key point is to be kinder to yourself and embrace all of the parts that make you unique.’

Jasmine Sander’s Career

Jasmine started modelling at the age of 13 years.  I was discovered by Sheilah Dixon from Millie Lewis in Columbia, south carolina.

She became Rookie of the Year in 2019 at 29 years of age before she landed the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model. The magazine made her the fourth Black woman to cover the annual issue since 1964. Jasmine has also walked designer runways around the world, graced the covers of top international fashion magazines and fronted global advertising campaigns for brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Fendi, Bulgari, Ralph Lauren, and Victoria’s Secret. Influencer Jasmine Sander is a brand ambassador of Savage X Fenty, the popular lingerie brand of Rihanna. We are trying out this brand soon, so stay tuned for more looks of me.

Jasmine is represented by The Society Management. This girl is big in the modelling Industry and we keep an eye on her. She is very pretty!

Jasime is Always Real

Media asked about the biggest challenge to achieving success in life. She said she believes that staying true to oneself and setting someone’s own personal goals is the best way to achieve success.

Jasmine is more popular for her strong attractive personality. She was once asked what she would do if she could be a child again and the answer would blow your mind. She replied to that question, ‘I would tell my younger self to make time for yourself. You can’t deliver the best product if you aren’t being the best.

She is worth more then 3 million in 2022.

This woman has the personality and the looks. She is a smart woman worked her way to the top of the influencer and modelling industry.

Influencer Jasmine Sanders aka Golden barbie is one to watch!

We love her beauty and personality. We keep you updated if we know more about her.

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