I want fame and fortune. Really?




All I want for christmas is…yeah actually that on the image;) An ambitious creative supportive goodlooking man. Too much to ask this christmas? Finding a good parner is pretty hard these days..especially when your not famous.

What? Are you serious? fame and fortune? is that all? (well everybody is Googling this so good new topic). Well no, actually no, im not serious. I am going for fortune. Call me superficial, but money is very important for me. I dont come from a rich family so I don’t really know what it is to be rich, to buy whatever you want.

Doing whatever I want, freedom, travelling the world, shopping 24/7, getting new outfits etc, new looks, new beauty looks. Ideas and more. I love the luxury lifestyle. Although I still often shop on a budget. I am not into Balenciaga yet, excuse me..I think I never will but Moschino and Gucci have some cool designs.

I also want to see so much of the world. There is so much beauty in the world.

With a normal job you can never reach this kind of lifestyle. This kind of freedom.

I don’t think fortune is the most important thing in life. I think its love and happiness. A lot of rich people are depressed or have other problems. Of course I know.THe lifestyle of the rich and fame is not great at all. I mean look at KIMK, soo skinny, is she even happy with herself and her life?

Fame is not important in life. It can make you rich, but I think a private life is a happy life.

Fortune, but not fame, that sounds like a fairtrade to me.

Cardi B calls her fame a curse, but if she not was famous she would still probably be a broke stripper….so i dont know about fame being a curse to her. She is hella rich now. Is she a Billionaire? Read it here.

Working hard on my blog for 1 years now. I also have 2 Dutch blogs that make me some money, but rich? Nah definitely not yet.

But you never know what can happen as entrepreneur. If you can do find someone who sees the potential in you and wants to make you big. I have a lot of ideas for products and other media brands, but for now I am alone with the help of some freelancers.

Well for now I wish you a Sherry (yes sherry, not the bottle sherry, BUT SHARING christmas (sharing is caring). Once you are rich you can help the poor.

Thats the best thing in life! Share the food, the love and the money.

Do it people! Share the love and money.

mandy b.
mandy b.https://iammandyb.com
Online entrepreneur, writer and creative director. I have many (also Dutch, because I am actually Dutch) blogs, but this is my personal fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog. I like to play dress up & make me pretty. I love fashion and make up, mixing colors, styling, streetart etc. But also give you blogging advice and tell you more about my entrepreneurship journey. Iammandyb is all about Creating things & Caring about others.
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