How to use social media for fashion blogging?




How to use social media for fashion blogging? How can you benefit from social media nowadays? Is there even a point in blogging in 2022?

Fashion blogging looks like just another fun job, enabling fashion bloggers to earn a huge amount of money for barely doing any work. Some people do not even consider it as a proper job since it seems like all fashion bloggers do is dress up and tell us about it. But becoming a successful fashion blogger takes a lot of hard work, consistency, and making sure that all the tools are used appropriately. Keep in mind, that before becoming super successful all those fashion bloggers learned how to work independently, without an agency or even a role model. So the ones who have just decided to pursue a career in fashion blogging already have great examples and a huge amount of information to take into consideration. Nowadays, probably not surprisingly, social media is the biggest factor for achieving success in fashion blogging. Of course a lot of fashion bloggers are now signed with agencies etc to promote their brand.


Finding a niche is probably one of the most important things that a novice fashion blogger should take into consideration. If you are just starting it is an amazing opportunity to decide what you want to stand by, what kind of content you would like to create. Make sure that you truly love whatever you choose. Since, yes, for an outsider it seems amazing to just dress up and talk about it but on an everyday basis, there is real work and effort that goes into creating posts, constantly being creative and active. So make sure the style, garments, and your attitude towards fashion are real.

Being consistent

Choose a platform that feels natural to you and stick to it. Generally, it is easy to create aesthetically pleasing content on Instagram and Pinterest. And that is why those two are so popular among fashion bloggers. However, which platform will work for you completely depends on your skills, style of communication, and vibe. Maybe you feel more comfortable with Facebook and the audience that you would like to target is on there. Although facebook is coming a bit less popular everyday. There is no specific rule when it comes to choosing the right platform and if you are not sure which way to go, test the waters on various social media channels and choose the one where you feel the most comfortable.

Quality over quantity

No social media strategy will get you anywhere unless the content itself is valuable. Therefore, focus on creating content that truly brings inspiration and something new to the table. This is a ground-rule. Actually, this rule goes to any type of content on any platform. Instead of publishing poor-quality blog posts every single day, it is better to make sure that each post answers some specific questions, provides information for the reader, and is carefully optimized. The same rule applies to Instagram posts for example. If the quality of your photo is not appropriate for your content or you just do not feel like promoting some brand, do not do it. The goal should be to build trust with your audience and they will surely know if you are promoting something just for money.

Connections & Collaborations

If you would like to be extremely successful in fashion blogging, reaching out to people and establishing valuable connections is as crucial as in any other field. When it is the very beginning and you still do not have your core audience it is obviously harder to have collaborations. But focus on creating high-quality content (photos/videos/text – everything should be well-thought-out and authentic) and as your audience will grow start presenting statistics to brands that you would like to work with. So they can see that it is worth investing in you. After some time you will be invited to various events. Try to talk to people who have inspired you and establish valuable connections with them.

Using social media for promoting a personal brand (especially a fashion blog) is probably the smartest way of becoming successful nowadays. There is a lot of work to do before even choosing any specific social media channel. Such as defining your audience, niche, and generally what your presence on any platform will bring to it. However, once you have defined all the fundamental aspects of it, all you have to do is start creating (which I hope is something you enjoy since you have to post frequently if you want to establish a successful presence). But most importantly stay true to yourself.

Be you, be unique!This will work the best at the end of the day.

Good luck with promoting your blog through social media. You can do it!

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