How to promote your fashion brand?




So how do you promote your fashion brand? How can you get people to notice your brand?

While promoting or launching fashion items, you need to have an online presence to survive and win the audience in the market. To do it, you can promote your fashion brand by going through the strategies below.

As a marketing expert (mostly Google) we know all the trics and strategies and we are working on our fashion (and beauty)brand: iammandyb. But iammandyb is more than a fashion and beauty brand. Its about the entrepreneurship lifestyle, about bloggers and influencers. Its an allround blog.

A Catchy Tagline Is Important

When it comes to recognition, brands call with their taglines or slogans that help differentiate them from others and help them connect with customers emotionally. For instance, if you target people who love to travel, you can think of the lines associated with freedom, adventure, fun-loving things. Creating a tagline needs brainstorming and can take some time, so you need patience and creativity. For this, you can also take help from copywriters.

You Need Killing Content (not literally of course)

Killing content. Content that ranks in Google and that people want to read. Content that matters and that brings something extra to the table or lets say: to Google readers.

No matter if you sell fashion product or have a fashionblog, people need to find it. If you are not a famous and popular celebrity it will be quite difficult. Difficult, but not impossible of course. Passion is key! Celebs have all their fans and followers. But when you are new on the fashion market you will need to work on SEO. SEO is key. Focus on the right keywords and write the best content or hire a content writer for it. Be creative and original. Trust me: Google appreciates creative content and creative images and stories at the end of the day. We notice this with our other (Dutch) brand (lifeofanartist.nl). Once you have enough good articles you will see traffic coming in through Google. THat is called organic traffic. People will find your fashion brand through Google. Imagine: millions of people search through Google everyday for information, inspiration and more. Also for fashion content. Once we reach enough people with our fashion & beauty killer content, we will add a fashion shop with products. Traffic first of course. The rest comes later.

Social Media Helps Tell The Brand Story

People can’t skip social media content today. You can benefit from social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and others have covered the world with their platforms. For marketers, social media is considered a storytelling medium. For example, if you are in the fashion industry, you can create a collection of quality images to deliver the brand story. Instagram is nowadays the perfect way to show your fashion brand and to start a fashion branding strategy. What is your target group? What is the story of your brand? What makes it unique and worth buying? All things to think about.

Social media helps allow you to express the personality of your fashion brand and reach a broad audience. Besides, If you are active in social media with your brand products, you can increase followers and boost your sales.

A Giveaway Campaign During the Launch of The Brand

Giveaway campaigns can be a powerful tool to effectively expose your brand, website, or online store. The first four weeks of the brand launch are crucial for you. You can collect as many customers as you want if you organize giveaways properly during this period. Many businesses run after sales once they launch their product which is not bad. However, products without hatching properly can not generate much in the long run, so brand exposure matters in the end.

You can take your own products or other prizes for giveaways to draw target customers. You can promote your giveaways on your website, social media channels, and other PR to boost your fashion brand marketing.

Promotional Partners Helps Expand Your Brand

The brands or companies similar to your own in the marketplace can not be rivals all the time. They can also save and grow your brands by exchanging offerings. For instance, if there is a brand that specializes in swimwear and owns other products same to yours, it would be an excellent idea to partner with that brand and cross-promote offerings. This helps share audience from each party and collaboratively perform the win-win game.

Collaborations with Influencers of course

If you possess enough money, you can go after famous celebrities. Celebrities like Rihanna, Cardi B, Kylie Jenner etc. But they will ask thousands of dollars (if not millions) to promote your brand. And the actual truth is they have a lot of fake (bought followers). Like a lot of celebs nowadays. So their reach is not as big as you think. You can go for a smaller influencer with like 500k followers (if they are real). Someone who has influence in the fashion industry but still is affordable. Nowadays niche influencers work the best for your brand. So try it out!

Gen-Z target audience believes in social proof and seeks recommendations from those who know the brands better. In such cases, influencers play an important role. You can find many influencers on available social media channels, such as YouTubers and Instagram. There are also many influencer companies that help you find the right influencer.

But the best tip we would give you is writing killing content. Content that is creative, original and helps the people who are searching Google everyday. No fashion sales without traffic. Sometimes it is better to hire a good copywriter and spend money on this then to spend money on a expensive influencer. Influencers are not everything. Trust me. Its a bit of a fake world nowadays.

We are building or fashion (and beauty) content and this way we hope to build a big brand and to have a large audience. Once you have this, you can start thinking of fashion products to sale.

Goodluck! and we hope our tips will help you.

Image source: Unsplash

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