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How to make your blog famous. Tips and more.





How to make your blog famous? Tips and more from me (mandyB).

So are you ready to become blog famous?To become a blog celebrity? Then take this course and start like a pro! You have to start somewhere but do it good right away. 

We are here for & beauty lovers, but we also are here for bloggers and influencers. We know much about blogging and have learned much in a few years. Reading, searching, and reading. So who still reads books nowadays? I GOOGLE all day, every day. I read favorite blogs from Neil Patel, Amit Agarwal, and many more.

We are not that big on Instagram yet because we started a new account a year ago, but we know a lot about Instagram and making money with it. Some advice from me: blogging will make you famous more quickly these days than your Instagram. Trust me! When everybody goes right, we go left. We do things differently than most people.

You want to gain fame with your blog, and ultimately, you want to make money with your blog.

You can even become a millionaire by blogging. Like what?

Many people think blogging is just a hobby and something fun to do in your free time, but in English, you can become very big with your blog if you handle it well. We also have some Dutch blogs, but we don’t think these will make us a millionaire. They are just for some extra income.

When you blog in English, you blog for millions of people worldwide. Millions of people are on the search for information, tips, gossip, news, and more. Millions? Make it a Billion!

So we have some tips for you on making your blog famous.

1.Focus on SEO and the right keywords.

You can start an article and write about your mommy’s life, but nobody will read it if you are not famous yet. Maybe just some friends and your parents.

It would be best if you did. You need to focus on the content people search for. For example, this article is something people search for. 10,000+ people are looking for this keyword/topic. So that means traffic for just one piece.

Have you ever heard of SEO? NO? Then take this course. We did the system ourselves, and it helped us. You must know about SEO if you want to be a blogger.

SEO is needed for a blogger to rank in search engines like Google, and SEO can be affordable. You can learn everything yourself. So don’t hire an expensive marketing agency. You don’t need it. Blogging does not have to be costly; you need the right course to learn everything yourself.

  1. Write often

Google loves new quality content. It also loves when you write consistently. So not just once in a half year, but like every week. Try to write every day. But you can write 4/5 articles a month if you need more time. Also, update your old content. For example, when you wrote an article with 2021, make it 2022 and fresh and new. Keep up-to-date with recent trends in the blogging scene and keep your content so fresh and so clean.

  1. Don’t forget social media

Okay, you learned everything about SEO and how to get Google famous with your content. But don’t forget social media. Millions of people, if not billions, are also on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. You can advertise on these platforms and get noticed when you are not famous with your blog. Make a Facebook account, an Instagram account, and even TikTok (if you are good with videos). You can share your posts on these platforms, and people can find your content there.

Why Blogging is More Effective than Instagram

Social media platforms like Instagram have gained popularity as a tool for online marketing. While Instagram and blogging may seem similar, the two have several key differences. This blog post will explore why blogging is more effective than Instagram for online marketing.

1..Better for Long-Form Content 

One of the key advantages of blogging over Instagram is the ability to create longer-form content. Blog posts can be several thousand words long, allowing for more in-depth topic exploration. This makes blogging ideal for industries or issues requiring much explanation, such as technology or finance

2.More Control Over Design and Functionality 

Another advantage of blogging is the greater control over design and functionality. You can customize the design, layout, and features with a blog to suit your needs. This means you can create a unique online presence that reflects your brand and message. In contrast, Instagram provides limited customization options and follows a strict visual format.

3. Better for SEO 

It is optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine results in pages. Blogging improves your website’s SEO, as blog posts provide more opportunities to incorporate keywords, meta descriptions, and internal and external links. In contrast, Instagram has limited SEO capabilities and primarily focuses on visual content4

4.Builds Trust and Authority 

Blogging can help establish your business as a trusted authority in your industry. You can demonstrate your expertise and knowledge to your audience by creating informative, well-researched content. This can help build trust with your audience, translating into increased sales and customer loyalty

5.Provides More Value to Your Audience 

Finally, blogging provides more value to your audience than Instagram. Blog posts can be educational, informative, and entertaining, giving readers a reason to return to your website. In contrast, Instagram primarily focuses on visual content and may offer your audience a different level of value.

So how to make your blog famous? Take the SEO course, focus on the right keywords, focus on organic traffic, write consistently, and advertise on social media.

Blogging can make you more rich then Instagram. 

Good luck with your blog fame.








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