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You always think you need to be talented to become famous, but did you already know that the most famous woman in the world did not became famous because of her talent or her hard work, but because of a disgrace? You probably know the story already. Its all over the web and she is very famous nowadays.

Kim K launched a sextape with her ex Ray-j and this is how she got famous. Of course she is much more now. She is a successful influencer and entrepreneur. But this is how she got her entrance in the world. She is the owner of the popular brand SKIMS and of SKKN BY KIM (the last one is a flop actually). She does not always has the right end..sometimes its just not working.

Everyone wants to get heard, famous and seen.Well, not everybody but the youth is into fame. People want to feel admired by others. They want fans. Not everyone is like the Jenners and Kardashians but a lot of people walk into their footsteps and go on reality-tv, show off their bodies on the gram and more.

It is a tough world out there and getting recognized can take years or never happen at all. Millions of talented young people spend years trying to make it big on social media for example.. However, some people seem to get famous over night with seemingly no talent whatsoever (also think about Bhad Bhabie). Cash me outside? Who is that chick? What is her talent?

It actually seems that the less talent you have, the more fame you get these days and that is a weird thing. Isnt it?

So how to get famous without doing anything or having talent?

1.Make a sex-tape and promote it everywhere on the web

I even think making a sex-tape while not make you famous anymore. Back in the days it was a big thing, but now its not so special anymore. Its a disgrace. Dont try this at home. No, don’t follow Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian in their footsteps and sex-tapes.

2.Get Horrible Plastic Surgery

Everyone loves talking about horrible surgeries, so try and get the most surgeries as possible.You will get in the media for sure with your looos.

But know that you look horrible for the rest of your life. Getting a KIMK body does not even make you famous anymore. We have too many Kardashian lookalikes with weird hips and fake butts. So even heard of Demi Rose? I mean her body is just weird right. This is the work of plastic surgery.


This is probably the best way when you have no talent. You will get fame (positive or negative, some people don’t even care about that). Attention is attention for some. Also in Holland we have a lot of reality tv-shows and they all join the programs for the fame and influencer career world..And most reality tv stars go after the shows on Onlyfans. Onlyfans is the new Instagram and it makes a lot of reality tv stars and influencers rich. I think its trash, but he who am I? I rather reach fame by blogging and showing the world my creative skills. Keep it classy.

4.Go viral

If you have no problem with public humiliation and if you don’t mind making a fool of yourself, you can always go with the viral video route. Get yourself in an incredibly embarrassing situation, or say something stupid and ridiculously repeatable, and you will be famous. Act idiot and it will go viral.

Weird wicked world he?

Well this is the real world. We all live in it. Someone is up for a change?

I would like to see more famous people WITH talent in the media, but he this is the real world and some will never make it with their talent.

Do you have talent and do you want to show this talent on a blog? Write about stars/celebrities/brands/gossips etc and do you want to become a famous blogger (its better then launching an onlyfans channel or getting horrible plastic surgery) start professional right away with this masterclass. 


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