How to become a fashion influencer in 2023?




How to become a fashion influencer in 2023?

Fashion and influencers. Both trending topics!

Social media platforms like Instagram,YouTube, Facebook and TikTok give opportunities to thousands of fashion influencer enthusiasts. If you are one of those people who love the camera and you are not shy to dress up in front of it, if you like striking poses in front of the camera or otherwise you have a passion for fashion, dressing up or dressing other people then this might be the place for you.

If you like being trendy and can easily predict future trends, then you could pick a career in the fashion industry.

Imagine a girl just posted about her new beige Dior bag via Instagram. The girl also demonstrated how to style it with a pink jacket, white shirt, black jeans, and Kali sneakers to go out for tea with friends. You can purchase one of the displayed items or recreate them. The girl’s concealed advertisement was communicated to the targeted viewers and accomplished the anticipated results. Fashion icons often have many followers who are devoted to them. These fashionistas often work together with designers and brands and attend fashion shows. They live a trendy polished life. Their objective is to instigate a life of style in others and to help them live fashionable life.

How to become a fashion influencer in 2023?

1.Understand what it takes to become an influencer

Know that it is not easy to become an influencer in 2023. Its actually maybe a bit late. Yes, sosrry to say. Its difficult these days to really find an audience.

Some influencer are busy with their channels since the start. For example, Nikkie Tutorials is posting video’s since 2008. Her fame did not happen overnight. Now she has a lot of views and followers but this took time.She went viral in 2015 with her video “The power of make-up”. The video has 40 million views. So this is 7 years later. Now its 2022 and the girl is worth 5 million because of her YouTube and Instagram but she worked hard for it.

So patience would be the best advice. Burt there is more then that.

Also for Instagram it is all about pictures. Make sure your pictures are good. Hire a photographer or find someone who knows all about Photoshop and can edit the pictures. I know my pictures are not the best. Some are better then others but I am working on my skills and hope to hire a professional photographer in the future. You can’t be perfect in everything right away. But be active, passionated, post a lot and stay patient.

You can also add some humor to your pictures. This is what made Dutch influencer Rianne Meijer famous. She does not take herself to serious and her pictures show real life.

2.Be passionated about fashion

Passion for fashion. Passion is everything and can bring you really far in life. Want to be an influencer, but don’t really like clothes? Don’t do that it. Always follow your passion. This will work the best.

Whether you love designer clothes, styling jewelry, or pairing accessories with outfits in a distinctive way, you must be creative enough to drive something fascinating and unique. Influencers like Negin Mirsalehi, Chiara Ferragni, Aimee Song, etc., by no means, do they treat their regular activity on media platforms as their job instead of that they use their passion to illustrate something unique. You can see these woman really love fashion and they know what thety are doing.

3.Keep going and don’t lose hope

Big names in the fashion industry including Jessica Wang, Caroline Daur, , Chiara Ferragni, Aimee Song, and more, didn’t see the fruit of their labor in the beginning but they did not lose hope. So stay true to your calling and true to your audience. Keep going, keep posting and bring something new to the table.

4.Be real

Please, don’t be a Kardashian. Keep it real. Stay real with your audience.. Be yourself and stay authentic. Be natural and avoid being fake. You must feel comfortable in your own skin and your audience should be able to see that too.But you can also inspire your audience with your insecurities. The Kardashians show a fake lifestyle to the public and don’t inspire at all. Also showing too much body is not good. They do everything for the spotlight. I think its better to nspire and motivate others. This way people will like you.

Are you ready to become the next fashion influencer in 2023? You can become an influencer on Instagram, but also on YouTube and TikTok. Or just try all platforms!

And don’t forget blogging! A lot of people will think why you still blog? I think blogging is the best way to reach fame and success these days. You can focus on popular topics and Google traffic. Everyone is their one Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Its really hard to get noticed.

Are you convinced about blogging? Then read our other articles and start your blogging empire.

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