How much is Dolls Kill worth? A shop for the misfits you must know.




Dolls Kill. One of my favorite shops. Watch out. The edgy one with her items is on its way!

For Halloween this brand is perfect. They have all the looks!

Dolls Kill? What it means? Doll “for playing dress-up, “kill” to make “doll” sound edgy.

Its the brand/shop for the misfits, rebels, edgy ones, crazy ones, festival and rave gangers, party ones. Yes they have it all! and they are a big inspiration for us.

Misfits; where you at?

Dolls Kill is a fashion brand with head offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Founded in 2011 by former DJ Shoddy Lynn and her partner Bobby Farahi (they are a couple founded love on a Rave). the brand started within rave and EDM subcultures, offering platform shoes, fishnet unitards and other festival-style pieces.

Sales took off right away. Shaudi was still DJ-ing, and she’d tell fans about it. It was a social, viral brand. They had engagement on social media. Later on they focussed also on Google etc.

And now?

They sell everything. It became a fashion and apparel retailer and sell womenswear, make-up, accessories & footwear related products. The brand became an online boutique that sells everything from brands like like Killstar, Sugar Thrillz,Widow, Club exx and so much more.

They will never be like Fashion Nova, because they have a target group and they are a bit more expensive.

In 2014, Dolls Kill secured $5 million in a Series A round of funding from Maveron, a Seattle-based venture capital firm .

But 11 years later they are worth? We could not find it anywhere. We think they are not a Billion dolllar brand, but a million dollar brand. Like 500 million dollars?

Stay tuned when we found out more.

Happy Halloween and Happy shopping!

mandy b.
mandy b.
Online entrepreneur, writer and creative director. I have many (also Dutch, because I am actually Dutch) blogs, but this is my personal fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog. I like to play dress up & make me pretty. I love fashion and make up, mixing colors, styling, streetart etc. But also give you blogging advice and tell you more about my entrepreneurship journey. Iammandyb is all about Creating things & Caring about others.
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