He there. Make-up. It makes me look better. So what you think?





All dolled up. Make-up. It makes me look prettier. Don’t you think?

Of course I am not afraid to show how I look without make-up. In my daily life I wear not much make-up, some foundation and mascara. Thats all. Some days I wear nothing. I don’t really care. It depends what kind of work you do and where I am going to of course. Also in the health care industry too much make-up is not a good idea. 

I would like to make-up more often, but I am still learning about it. 

A new make-up look made by my professional visagist.What you think?

I wonder if men like women more with make-up or without. A la naturel?

Read more about make-up brands and product reviews on my blog.


mandy b.
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