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Gothic fashion trends in 2022. Gothic is making a comeback and we are here for it. Im not totally into gothic fashion but I do like some trends of it liking wearing lace, a black dress etc, combat boots, leather jackets etc.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, people used to wear dark, mysterious, and antiquated dresses with dark lipsticks and eyeliner. In 2022, the style is somehow changing, but features are almost the same. Nowadays, Gothic fashion is becoming a trend and inspiration for many people.

Celebs like Kourney Kardashian, Megan Fox and Billie Eilish set the trend again. Not only with fashion trends, but also with hair colors and make-up. But gothic is not just wearing black. We made a campaign: gothic but make it summer, but of course we know gothic is not just wearing all black. But we do think our style is a little gothic. Its actually more edgy we think. Curious about your opinion about my style.

If you are reading this article, it means you are also inspired by Gothic fashion and want to get into it. Getting into Gothic fashion in 2022 can be challenging and need some study and understanding.

To opt for the Gothic fashion, use different hair accessories, and also try different dark hair colors, but the black color will be the base color of this style. If you are newly introduced to this style, try to wear only one element of this style before completely changing your style. You will enjoy the real power of this style.

Let’s get deep into it.

Learn more here about the gothic fashion trends of 2022:

1. Chunky edgy sandals

Spring is right around the corner and we introduced it with a black but summer look. How cool is an all black outfit with yellow chunky sandals? I cant find them nowhere. But black gothic/edgy sandals are everywhere.

Choose black sandals with thick, metallic buckles for a punky edge. You can wear your sandals with everything from denim shorts to black leggings. So let me know if you have found a yellow or red pair of these.

2.The little black dress

The little black dress is always good and its not only can look classy to. it all depends on how you style it.

One of my favorite outfits is a little black dress, with some dark hair dye and accessories. That is a lovely look. For now Im blonde, but who knows I go dark in the future.

Complete your look with vintage pumps or chunky sandals and add the right make-up with it.

3.Military Button-up jacket

I remember Micheal Jackson whenever I think about this Military Button-up jacket. The style is evergreen. It would help to pair your Military Button-up jacket with a frilly blouse and fingerless gloves; this will give you a unique look. 

This look works well with your Converse sneakers and black jeans. They’ll pair perfectly with this ensemble.

You can wear this suit for a day of shopping or a family dinner.

Shop them here.

4. Black leggings with oversized tees.

Yes, it is also one of the modern styles that gives a Gothic look. The tight black leggings with oversized tees. To complete this outfit, you can pair this with some dope black or red combat boots. The combat boots; we love them! This will give you a very impressive look. If you want to make a complete Gothic-style outfit add a nice bag with it.

5.Goth Women Lace Gothic Punk Tops

Yes, if you are a teenager, this Punk top will suit you. You can use it as partywear. The amazing part of this is that it is the most trending top on Instagram nowadays.

Punk and pop-punk are already the mainstream. Famous pop stars like Olivia Rodrigo and Avril Lavigne are taking it. Now, these Gothic Punk tops are trending. The short black punk top with a holographic skirt looks amazing. 

6.Black leather fashion

This is an amazing look. All black and shiny. The black leather jacket with shiny black leggings. Instead of the black shiny leathery jeans, you can also wear the fishnet tights. For more leather inspiration look here. (you can also wear fake leather if you cant afford real leather). Its just about the look that makes you look a bit gothic.

Did we miss any gothic fashion trends?

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