Getting famous with blogging. Is that possible?




Getting famous with blogging. Is that even possible?

Of course that is possible. You can get famous not only with a YouTube account or with your TikTok. And also not only because of a sex-tape (will not recommend that to anyone aka Kim Kardashian her fame).

No blogging is also a way to reach fame.

To be honest fame is not really one of our goals. Success is. Having multiple brands and making money with it. We are not the type to work for a boss. We love freedom. We love to travel the world and having millions. Do whatever we want and be busy with brands. Creating, writing, thinking of new ideas, built another brand and meeting great minded people. For now im kinda lonely. Im even still looking for my love partner. I know there is something out there for me, but I havent found him yet.

Fame definitely can help you achieve more success. Look at the Kardashians. Their successfull with their brands because they are so famous. I dont think Kylie cosmetics and the brand SKIMS would be so popular if i started a brand like that. They have the names and all the fans and followers. Same for Rihanna and other celebs.

I would not want to be so famous and be on the newspapers all day everyday. It will cost you your private life. A private life is a happy life I think.

But did you know you can also be an anonymous blogger? Just start a concept and blog under another name. You dont have to use your own name. But to be honest is, I think blogging on a name will help you interact with your readers. They want to know who is writing this. They want to know the person behind.

I also dont understand why famous celebs like Cardi B and Kim Kardashian don’t start their own blog.They can just write about the things they love and likes and they will make millions a year with their blogs only.

Its so simple for people that already have the fame and name. From there you can become a billionaire more easily You have the network, the fans but maybe others don’t have the ideas and they dont know where to write about. Just write about the things you like and do and millions of people will still read it.

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