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Gender-fluid clothingin 2024. Its very trending. Gender-fluid cllothing isn’t about gender fluidity. It’s about the need for more diversity.

There’s a range of different styles and colors available for menswear and womenswear.

But instead, it’s the idea that any given outfit completely disregards the association between pants and men, skirts and women.

Yes, some experts say that gender-fluid clothing has very little, if anything, to do with the brand, designers, or retailers that create them.


Brands that don’t put all their efforts into branding their products with a specific gender are losing the attention of their consumers. Their products have to be considered by a male audience and a female one.

For example, the fit and sizing process is key to the brand’s identity in TomboyX. Fran Dunaway originally started the company when she couldn’t find comfortable boxers for herself — TomboyX offers “gender-neutral” undergarments.

 “It turns out if you get the fit and the quality right and you use the right fabrics, it works for anybody and everybody.” FRAN DUNAWAY, FOUNDER, TOMBOYX

A gender-neutral clothing label is when a fashion brand uses a computer-generated formula based on traditional male and female proportions to size, a gendered approach to clothing design, which is most likely to impact clothing for both genders.

Some retailers don’t want you to know what’s behind their collections.

While I don’t have direct experience with ASOS, based on other retailers I’ve worked with, I think the fact that ASOS doesn’t comment on this topic is pretty telling.

For brands like Tomboy X, the mainstay value is to assert that gender expression is not an afterthought.

 “It’s the initial thought. It’s how we rolled out of the gate,” Dunaway said. “It turns out if you get the fit and the quality right and you use the right fabrics, it works for anybody and everybody

Top Gender-fluid moments during Paris Fashion Week you should know about

1.Christian Louboutin

There is no doubt that Christian Louboutin is one of the world’s most innovative, cutting-edge luxury designers.

This stylish collection of accessories and shoes in bright, fun colors will help you stand out from the crowd. She presented the Loubillusions. She talked about a genderless capsule collection and named it Our Angels. The last size of the shoe collection is going to be 46. 

The designer’s new fall collection features a wide selection of fashion-forward styles, including handbags and footwear that look perfect for every occasion.

2.Raf Simons

 Minimal Skirts, dresses, sharp tailoring with techno prints, black nail polish, and mood aesthetics. Omg. I know you are curious about who did it. Raf Simons sends his models in this design and attitude down the runway.  

The entire line has an androgynous touch while still staying true to his signature oversized fits.

3.Vivienne Westwood

Over-the-knee boots, oversized dresses, leggings, and baggy oversized tops.

Vivienne Westwood’s SS22 collection was made famous by Andreas Kronthaler and his amazing designs.


We have been witnessing the evolution of the Valentino show over the past years, and now it has become one of my favourite fashion shows. You can learn more about Valentino’s Spring 2021 Couture in this post.

The best collection of the season is from Pierpaolo Piccioli. He’s doing it again in his most significant color palette and the latest generation of gender-inclusive styles

5.Maison Margiela

John Galliano’s latest collection for Maison Margiela balances haute couture and ready-to-wear.

The main theme of this year’s Milan fashion week was the return to “a sense of dignity and class.” The runway shows displayed that the designer, who had a fall from grace after a notorious show in September where a model fell over, could find it again.

Latest Gender Fluid Collection to shop:

There are so many brands that have Gender fluid collections now. The most important thing for the success of every brand is the connection between the brand and customers. So, here we will list down several top brands for the gender-fluid collection. They pay attention to their customer satisfaction. 

1. WILDFANG Satin Slipdress

Nordstrom has collaborated on gender-fluid collections with fashion brands such as Wildfang and Tory Burch. 

This collection includes everything from XXS to 4X. It ranges from jumpsuits, button-ups, and blazers to cardigans and sportcoats. With this satin dress, you get a side slit and adjustable straps. It’s also available in Navy Pinstripe. The beautiful dress is perfect for special occasions. With a side slit, adjustable straps, and navy pinstripe, this satin dress will be a fantastic addition to your wardrobe.

The availability and affordability of WILDFANG’s products are key to its brand. All pieces featured in this campaign were less than $100, making the collection available to a wider audience.

The collection will donate 5% of the total sales to Year Up, a nonprofit organization that provides job opportunities for many poor communities. 

2.TELFAR X Converse sneakers

If you want to look like a hip-hop legend, these new Converse Telfar shoes are just what you need.

It has been a long time coming, but there’s a new line of men’s athletic apparel and footwear from Uniqlo. The company that makes high-quality Japanese apparel has many products designed for sports and athletics.

Designer Telfar Clemens has been designing unisex clothing for the last decade, and unlike other brands, he doesn’t separate his clothing into menswear and women’s wear. Instead, he groups all clothing under apparel. In this collection with the sportswear giant, he reinterprets classic ’70s Converse designs to offer a variety of shoes, tees, and sneakers.

3. Kirrin Finch Black Blazer

Laura and Kelly started Kirrin Finch to meet the public’s demand for menswear-inspired clothing for female and non-binary bodies.

The idea for the business was born out of frustration that they couldn’t find clothes that fit their bodies. “Not being able to find clothes that matched their inner core left them feeling like they were not able to be themselves fully,” they shared.

The bestselling black suit blazer by Kirrin Finch is made from 100% Italian wool and features a playful constellation pattern.

It has two exterior side pockets and a welt pocket.

You can wear this jacket or add your black vest and pants.

If you want to be a famous and expert fashion designer, don’t forget to pay attention to gender-fluid clothing. It is really trending in 2024.

I think my style is also a bit of a tomboy. I think tomboy style is urban and edgy. You mix up styles with each other.

So what you think? And what outfit you like the most?

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