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How do you find fashion inspiration? Well, here! Let that be clear. Enough photoshoots with edgy items coming for your wardrobe. Keep on checking this blog and my social media pages and like and share. Thank you: spread the love for other creatives. Like we do on We put others in the spotlights that deserve their shine.

We are what we consume. It is as simple as that. There are probably thousands of interviews with fashion gurus where the question “How do you find fashion inspiration?” has been asked. Numerous step-by-step guides could be found about what to watch or which fashion influencer to follow on Instagram to get inspired by their outfits. And sure, recreating someone else’s outfit and making it your own is fun. However, taking several people as examples and following their trends can be limiting. If your Instagram feed is full of a specific style or colours, you automatically gravitate towards those when shopping.

Change the narrative

Most of the time there are no limits for artists and their source of inspiration. And the crazy part is that sometimes artists do not even try to find inspiration, but since they are open to various possibilities and let their minds wander, it just happens naturally. Fashion is art. Period. It is a way of self-expression, it lets us be whoever we want to be, say whatever we want to say. There are so many memes about runway models and their outfits. People make fun of those outfits all the time because they are so used to limited options. But we do not criticize writers for creating unbelievably odd fictional universes or poets for mind-blowing metaphors. Maybe you have already tried to find various ways of finding fashion inspiration, but what if the answer is the mindset.

Colours & Patterns

It is quite easy to start incorporating new colours/shades into your style if you do not overthink it. You can decide if this incorporation will be a metaphor or just an experiment. With patterns starting small is always a better idea. You can get inspired by your neighbour’s garden or tablecloth from a local café, just choose whatever you feel drawn to and start from there.


Accessories are probably those parts of the outfit that could be easily adjusted to your comfort. Attach a keychain or a hair clip to your bag’s strap, it is easily accessible and adds a bit of colour to your outfit. Play with the things that you use the most during the day. A colourful pen or grocery bag can become the centerpiece of an outfit. Make it as comfortable as possible and as usable as possible.


Going to the shop and going to the men’s or women’s section automatically is a thing. But what about taking each piece of clothing and deciding if it works for you or not? Without sticking labels to it. Next time you will go shopping just check out all the sections, maybe you will find real jams. Or will get inspired by the colour palette, different cuts, and accessories. I would recommend going to the kids’ section too. You never know what you will find in the kids’ accessories section.

Going to a tailor

When I am talking about taking some clothes to alter I do not only mean making some trousers 2 inches shorter. Don’t get me wrong, those 2 inches make a world of a difference, and obviously, if it fits better we feel more comfortable. But probably there are pieces in your wardrobe which you wish were completely different. For example, you like the fabric of one dress but are not a fan of the cut. OR you like the cut but the fabric is tacky. Find a good tailor and experiment, use all the materials that you have. Especially the ones that rest in the wardrobe unused. And if nothing requires altering in your wardrobe, then collaborate with your tailor and create new pieces.,

Other than checking out those people’s outfits who are considered as fashion gurus, choose all the films, music, books, and even places to go out carefully. Make sure those things truly bring you joy. Create outfits based on characters, incorporate the colour that reminds you of a certain place where you ate last week, and dress like your favourite banger. Fashion is a great way of self-expression but it is also just a way to be creative and have fun. So I hope this article will inspire you to take a different approach and go wild.

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mandy b.
mandy b.
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