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Entrepreneurship. We also talk about this. Female entrepreneurship. Female bosses: where you at?

Hello gorgeous ladies. Get inspired and get a shoutout on my platforms. We in this together!

There are plenty of female entrepreneurs who beat the men at their game every single day. These are ordinary women who just do what they love doing most. Entrepreneurs are like that, some at the beginning of their game and some at the very top.

Im a female starting entrepreneur with 3 startups (2 Dutch, 1 english, this one). I am working on more content, more traffic and more traffic means more money. Simple as that. Also finally found a businesscoach for the financial stuff so that is great. Im working towards financial freedom. Give me a few years and keep an eye on me.

Crazy Entrepreneurs

It takes a level of craziness to be and remain an entrepreneur and you must have a degree of passion that is unique to such a person. You need to the get up and go to do whatever it is you do then you must do it every day. Not only must you do what you do every day you need to improve upon it, do it better, faster, and smarter. That’s what being an entrepreneur is and when someone doesn’t know that they will either just shrug it off with a “whatever”, change the subject wishing they had never asked what I do or give me a “Yeah, right”  as if I am not who or what I say I am.

Men watch out

Girls make some of the best entrepreneurs and men had better beware. Unfairly, women are referred to as the weaker one, but this is not true. Sure, there are a few things that men can do that women may struggle with and vice versa. However, in the world of business, especially online business all is equal. Not only are things equal in business but there are some female entrepreneurs who excel in male dominated business sectors. There are plenty of women entrepreneurs flying high in careers surrounded by men and they do things in a unique way that makes them winners!

Women who Excel in a Man’s World

More and more female entrepreneurs are entering into formally male dominated industries and doing a fantastic job.  Approximately 15%  of undergraduates in technology and engineering fields are female and this reflects in employment statistics globally. With such a small percentage of women in traditionally male dominated careers it is hard for them to really excel and yet there are plenty who do.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling of the Tech Sector

UK statistics suggest that only 11% of the tech sector is in the hands of women.  One of these 11% is the Co-founder of TechHub, Elizabeth Varley.  TechHub is an international community of technology entrepreneurs, centred in London. The company was founded in 2010 with Varley playing a key setting up the business the hard way using revenue for funding. TechHub grew fast under the co-leadership of Varley and today operates in in six cities on three continents around the world.

How Elizabeth Varley Made TechHub a success

Since her early 20s as a Journalist, Varley had what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. With a complete lack of fear and a ton of self-belief she had the certain craziness all entrepreneurs must have. Furthermore she had a product and service that was in demand. When you put demand and crazy enough to do it you will always succeed.

Women Entrepreneurs Building Better Dreams

If Technology wasn’t male dominated enough, the construction industry is more so. A sector dominated by burly men on site and clever men who design buildings looks like a closed door for any female entrepreneur. Building physics engineer Susie Diamond saw no closed door in 2011 when she founded Inkling.

Tackling the masculine boardroom of the construction industry head on Susie Diamond has established a leading consultancy firm that delvers buildings that are better to live in. Her magic touch has made Inkling one of the most approachable and accessible firms in the industry. Furthermore, the nerdy and technical skills within the predominantly female team are a match and more for many other companies offering the same or similar service worldwide

For Entrepreneurs Age is no Barrier

Anyone can be an entrepreneur provided they have the drive and the idea. Age is not a barrier to entry into the crazy world of the entrepreneur. Suzie Diamond is living proof of this and started Inkling near the age of 40. There are teenage entrepreneurs and pensioner entrepreneurs, KFC was started by a 65 year old! Don’t let your age stop you from making a financial success out of something you love. Read more her about age and entrepreneurship.

What’s stopping you? 

For most people the reason why they have not stepped out to do what they love is FEAR. Fear holds people back more than anything else. Every entrepreneur has had to overcome fear to get where they are and if you can overcome it you can experience the liberation that comes from being one.


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