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Famous male bloggers. Who are they? We must say: blogging is not only for men or women. Both can do it. But we do think more men are into blogging. Females turn more towards Instagram etc. They want to get famous by showing off their bodies (yes, the Kardashians set the trend for it and a lot of people follow them). Others want to gain respect for their writing skills and hard work (like me for example). Gain Respect for creativity and hard work. Gain Respect!

If you’re looking to build a blog and to become famous with it, but don’t know where to start, I think this article will help. I’ve compiled a list of famous male bloggers and made recommendations based on the ones that I find most helpful.There are more famous male bloggers but we made a top list.

Is there a male blogger out there who has gained popularity in their field? A man that others look up to and value? I’m sure you could name many, but for this article, I’d like to focus on those who have gained recognition for their writing. There are many readers out there that count on the work of these amazing men with their content and insights.

So here are 5 famous male bloggers you need to check out:

1.Michael Arrington

Michael Arrington is the American founder and former co-editor of TechCrunch, a blog covering the Silicon Valley technology start-up communities and the wider technology field in America and elsewhere. The TechCrunch blog is a valuable resource for technology news and information, covering topics as diverse as start-ups, entrepreneurs, and mainstream technology news. Most bloggers know him for his profound work on TechCrunch, which he founded in 2005 and sold to AOL around 2009 for 25 million. Like what? A blog sold for that price? Yes, it is possible. The blog was getting millions of traffic and made millions of revenue with advertising so yes he could sold it for a good price. He is worth 15 million and yes his blog made him famous. He is into other things now. Forbes named him one of the most powerful people on the internet.

2.John Chow

For anyone interested in starting a blog, John Chow is an excellent authority. He is an author, blogger, speaker and Entrepreneur. He’s achieved a tremendous amount of success and has been running this for many years now. He started in 2005 so he was there in the early days. I actually think his blog could have more readers (millions) if he focussed more on keywords and on SEO.

He writes about making money online and thus also blogging but his blog is getting around 200k visitors according to similarweb.com. So that is actually not that much for a famous blog. He makes more then 80.000 dollar a month with his blog through affiliate marketing and advertising. He also sells his own products. This famous blogger is worth more then 10 million in 2022. But to be honest there is not so much information about his net worth. So we are not sure! He is a famous blogger, but not that famous on Google. We never heard about him before actually before we Googled. I think he could be bigger with his blog.

3.Darren Rowse

A quick google search of Darren Rowse brings several results of him being ranked amongst the top bloggers in the world. Darren Rowse is an Australian blogger, speaker, consultant and founder of several blogs and blog networks, including ProBlogger.net and digital-photography-school.com. Rowse broke into the professional blogging scene after he starting blogging as a hobby. Problogger.net is for bloggers wanting to create and grow their blogs, and then go professional to make money blogging. With over 8000 posts you will find anything you need about blogging. Today, ProBlogger reigns as the top ranking authoritative site on the topic of blogging professionally. According to some research, Darren Rowse net worth is approximately 5 Million but there is also not so much information about his net worth. Some say its less, but we think it is much more because his blog: problogging.net is worth millions.

4.Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal is a famous blogger, writer, web-geek and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Labnol.org, which is an hugely popular and award-winning technology blog. He also was there inthe early days and made blogging a profession in India. Amit is really a web geek (like me actually), solo entrepreneur and loves making things on the Internet. He is a famous blogger but not only in India. Even in Holland we know this famous Indian blogger and also for the rest of the world. If you can Google, you will find this popular Indian man and his blogs.

He is estimated to be worth 20 million in 2022. Congrats! The web can teach you a lot and even make you a lot of money

5.Neil Patel

Then, last but not least. The biggest marketeer in the world. If you’re a marketer, listen up: Neil’s blog is a goldmine of information. In fact, he has over 2,000 posts on his site, and he spends most of his time updating his blog with new content every week. He also has a YouTube channel for those prefering video CONTENT. of course we know video content has the future.

But for those into reading, he keeps his articles short and to the point, which makes it easy to scan through the posts whenever you’ve got a few minutes free traffic tips for niche sites? Check. Tips for beating out your competitors? Check. How to create profitable ad campaigns in only five minutes? Double check. HIs website is getting more then 5 million unique visitors a month and his website is made in 4 languages for the people that are not that good in English (oops, a confessing;)). Im learning though. For the Dutch, I have some Dutch blogs.

Neil Patel’s net worth is over $30 million. Neil is a self-made millionaire (INSPIRING!). Almost all of his wealth is created from his online ventures such as KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, his consulting gigs, and more. But you must check out his personal marketing website: Neilpatel.com.

So who do we miss in this list of famous male bloggers? Let us know! Are you the next?

Mandy B.
Mandy B.https://iammandyb.com
Explore the world of MandyB, a 32-year-old entrepreneur, writer, and creative director. Follow along as she plays dress-up and shares her journey of making herself pretty while diving into entrepreneurship and creativity.
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