Most Popular and Famous Indian Bloggers in 2023!




The most popular and famous Indian bloggers in 2023. Are you curious?

Writing and blogging is no more only just a trend in 2023. It’s a way to reach masses, connect and grab attention. Yes, it’s an art on its own! But we have to be real. Blogging is not that easy. Its hard to get a lot of traffic. You have to be original and do keyword research.

So do you want to start your own blog? Do you want to make money online? Make passive income and travel the world? its harder these days with all the social media channels, but its still possible. Take this course and start pro right away. 

Blogging in India is very popular. It started around 20 years ago. The growth of blogging has experienced an exponential growth in India over time. The income opportunities for Indian bloggers have empowered many young content-rich bloggers to make this a full-time profession and even more. Some make millions with their blogs. Can you imagine? Just from blogging only? But it is possible! The internet proves again that is had possibilities for everyone. You just need a computer and internet connection.

We are very happy with our 3 blogs (2 dutch and 1 english), cause we are actually Dutch!

Blogs can be informative, entertaining and helpful in so many ways. And because popular Indian bloggers have such a big following and have given their readers’ so much value to share amongst themselves, they are getting a lot of support from the community, which is driving more traffic to their website.At the end of the day its all about getting traffic. Traffic is money! You can sign up for premium advertisers and make a lot of money.

If you’re a young Indian, or otherwise living and writing in India, then start now. The best thing to do is read other blogs. In order to become a famous blogger it takes time and a lot of patience. Work hard, write good content, promote your blog and go for it!

Here’s the list of Top 3 famous Bloggers of India in 2023 that you should know:

Let it inspire you and get started blogging!

1.Amit Agarwal!

Amit Agarwal is an entrepreneur, investor, blogger and an author. He is the founder of Labnol,which is an award-winning tech and how-to website. He is considered as the God Father of Bloggers in India so you have to check out his blog. Amit has an hugely popular and award-winning technology blog where he writes how-to guides around consumer software and mobile apps. The purpose of the site is to help you take maximum advantage of the software tools and web technologies. Amit has appeared on various TV channels and radio shows including CNN IBN, BBC Radio, CNBC, and NDTV. Amit also writes columns on personal technology and consumers gadgets for some national newspapers so he is a busy man.

He is the perfext example of a blogger who turned big because of blogging and makes thousands of dollars every month. He is the highest paid Adsense publisher of India, can you imagine? Making thousands of dollars every month with just an advertising network. He is making 60.000 dollar every month and his networth is estimated around 5 million in 2022. Thats the spirit!

2.Hash Agrawal

This man is a huge blogger and his blog became a big success. His website is called ShoutMeLoud, founded in 2008. His blog has 1 million visitors a month. His blog is about various topics including starting a blog, making money online, SEO, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and more. Everything to make you successful on the web and to make you boss free on the web. A lot of people think blogging is just like a hobby but if you do it write it can make you big bucks

Harsh Agrawal also quit his job and is making over 50.000 dollar from his website every month. His income mostly comes from affiliate marketing. Do you want to start with affiliate marketing? We have the right course for you. Other incomes are sponsored articles, as well as advertisements. He also gets paid to speak at various events and to put up information about different products, such as E-books and digital courses. So he has multiple income sources. This is the best for blogging.

Harsh is the perfect example of a young Indian who is his own internetboss and has a good amount of money to enjoy a good life! He has a networth of more than 1 million in 2023.

3.Pritam Nagrale

On spot 3 is famous Indian blogger Pritam Nagrale. Pritam Nagrale is a Blogger, entrepreneur, Youtuber and a Digital marketer. He is the owner of multiple blogs (just like us). Why dont you spread your chances of making money online? Just start more blogs and make a lot of money.

MoneyConnexion is one of top blog in India that provide online income opportunities, money saving tips, scams & reviews. He is also the founder of Surejob and he is also the ornwer of a digital marketing training center where they teach digital marketing to others. So an allround entrepreneur.

So what are you waiting for? What do you think of these famous Indian bloggers in 2022? Ready to make thousands of dollars with adversing with blogging? Blogging is not dead in 2023, but its harder then ever to get indexed and ranked.

So are you ready to start a killer blog? A dope designed website? Something orirginal like this one? Have a look here. 200 dollar for a website? More than enough. Lets go! Work it.

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