Empowering women in 2024 and why its so important. The lifestyle of NICE women! hmm not always though.




Empowering women. Especially in 2024. We need it ladies! Help each other to the top. Where are those empowering media? In a world full of gossip blogs and negativity. I want to see more people like Prince Ea for sure! He inspires, creates dope things, makes you think and gives the world a lot of love. Someone I also admire is Quincy Brown. (yes the son of Diddy). Talented, artistic, creative and inspirational. it feels like a good soul although I dont know him personally. Not like a person with a hidden agenda..

So Where you at ladies and men? I give positive inspiring media and people a shout out and give them a bigger stage on my next brand artistheat.com. Underrated artist but also famous artist. So what about Jorja Smith? Rapper Preme? And Mavi? So many talents on the world that are not that famous. Life is weird sometimes. Something new and never seen before I hope to make with this brand. I also love Complex magazine (the English one). Its good journalism, they post interesting and motivating things on social media and they are supporting for talented people. I like other women like Oprah Winfrey, J.LO, Gwen Stefani and Rita Ora. Very talented and supportive women. More then just then a glamlife. Cause there is more then dressing up and making yourself pretty of course. This is also a very cool supportive women brand. 

Of course this is a fashion & beauty blog, but I also want to talk about things that I think are very important in life (lifestyle) and of course I want you to join me in my entrepreneurship journey. I have been an entrepreneur for a few years now (had a bad start back in the days) and its paying off but could be better. I learned a lot about blogging. But there is also something like mental health. How is your mental health doing? Are you happy? What makes you insecure? How do you deal with fear? Are you real?

I have dealt with too many haters, backstabbers, bitches. Friends that don’t support your work etc. Jaleousy and hate. Even on the workfloor. Gossiping bitches. This happens a lot. 

And I haven’t met like “many” beautiful souls yet, some though of course. Although I know there are still good people out there that are supportive and truly care about others and ask questions to others. Be interested and open-minded!

Are you a supportive women with your own business? Feel free to contact me and lets do business! Or just lets have a talk. I mean talking to other supportive people daily is so important. Find beautiful and inspiring people in your life. It can cheer you up, really it can! Cause else you gonna focus too much on social media for inspiration and motivation. You need people in your life. 

Of course, first of all: I am not perfect. I do make mistakes. I also have people I don’t like (hate is a big word) but still I wish people the best and try to put others in the spotlight that deserve it with my other blogs. Like Life of an Artist for example, is a creative artpiece full of rap talent, vloggers, bloggers, blogging ideas, vlogging ideas, TikTokkers and everything about money of course, cause we all want to know what our favorite artist or influencer makes a month, right? But mostly its inspiring and motivation content for the youth, entrepreneurs and creative people. We like to think differently.

Cheers to strong empowering ladies! We need ya in this cold world full of haters!

So do you want to start your empowering womens blog? 

2024 is your year! It took a long time though to become this far all on your own. With the help of some marketeers on Fiverr.  Start online and empower each other ladies! Stop the hate.

And lets meet. Finding friends abroad and travelling the world.

Send me an email: info@iammandyb.com or start a chat on the website and lets talk. 

Image: Unsplash

mandy b.
mandy b.https://iammandyb.com
Founder, owner, writer Iammandyb.com & artistheat.com (coming up this summer)
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