Emo Barbie. A little emo, more BARBIE.




He there: its barbiecore look time. Totally trending this summer 2023.

I have a new make-up look. Edgy, daring, a little emo, a little shiny.

I wanted actually more black but maybe next time. Keep it classy he!

Its a Barbie world, but its kinda plastic and not so fantastic, or is it?

I think its emo barbie world, A world full of plastic barbies, but there all emo (gothic/punk is making a comeback). so doll where are you?

Do you want to get the barbiecore look? Here are some dope outfit items below (a short, a dress and some sunglasses). Getthelook!






mandy b.
mandy b.https://iammandyb.com
Founder, owner, writer Iammandyb.com & artistheat.com (coming up this summer)
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