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Do celebrities wear Fashionnova? Keep on reading.




Do celebrities actually wear Fashion Nova? We wrote an article about why Fashion Nova is so successful. They are doing a good job and this is also because famous celebrities like Cardi B and Kylie Jenner promote the brand on social media.

Fashion Nova is a fast fashion brand – cheap garments, unfavourable quality, but “fashionable” designs. The recipe of each successful fast fashion brand is the same, so this should not be shocking for those who are familiar with fast fashion and sustainable clothing. The special part of the recipe is making the clothing “fashionable”. And letting celebrities wear those clothes is basically the easiest and most effective way of making a specific style popular. And that is exactly what Fashion Nova does.

Celebrities and being “fashionable”

There are certain celebrities that sort of set fashion rules (thankfully only for certain audiences). And surprisingly most of those celebrities do not really care about what type of brand they promote. Fashion Nova does the majority of promotion on Instagram via people like Cardi B, Kylie Jenner and Amber Rose. They get like thousands of dollar for wearing this brand. So why not?

The brand claims that they promote body positivity and create pieces for all body shapes and sizes. These types of claims have become just a part of some brands’ marketing strategy to create this false idea of an ethical brand, when they actually stand far away from anything that is remotely close to ethical.

Design theft

Fashion Nova does not have original designs. It has copied designs from luxury brands and created them with cheap materials. There is no creativity and innovation involved in the process of creating clothes & accessories. Because of this, the brand has been through several scandals. Including the scandal around the famous Versace dress that Jennifer Lopez wore at the 42nd annual Grammy awards. Versace sued Fashion Nova for copying their classic design. Surprisingly, even though almost the whole Jenner/Kardashian family has promoted Fashion Nova on social media, Kim Kardashian has called out Fashion Nova after the brand copied the design of the vintage Mugler dress that she wore at Hollywood Beauty Awards. But he, is Kim Kardashian original?! I mean Spanx was there before right.

Less than minimum wage

Fashion Nova has proudly (and arrogantly) stated many times that they can create a certain piece of garment in several hours. The important thing is how? Fashion Nova has been accused of underpaying its workers in LA. The brand’s response to allegations was that it is not responsible for the salary that workers get in factories where their clothes are made. This brand cannot be more openly arrogant about the negligence for everything that they do.


One of the most common claims that Fashion Nova makes and is quite proud of is that they create fashionable, but affordable clothes for everyone. Which let’s admit sounds appealing but at what cost? Fashion Nova creates its clothes through factories that underpay their workers, which obviously costs less than if they were working with factories that pay appropriate wages. Since the garments are made of cheap materials, the cost of materials is low as well. When Khloe or Kortney Kardashian wear something from Fashion Nova and post a pic on Instagram and fans find out that the piece is so cheap, obviously the piece is sold out in a few hours.


Wearing something so tacky for an Instagram ad should not be an issue for someone like Cardi B, but for people who actually pay money for it, it is such a waste. Because you simply do not get your money’s worth. The piece of clothing will look horrible maybe even after wearing it once and it will end up in the bin very soon. Then you will need to purchase the same thing or something similar again. And it is this vicious cycle that creates waste of materials and waste of money. And it could be hard to say no to an item of clothing that your favourite celebrity wears since we all would like to be fashionable and glorious but thankfully there are other brands that respect their workers and create nice garments, so we have other options.

Nowadays there is so much information about what to buy, what not to buy, which company respects its employees and also makes sure that they do not create more issues for our planet. All of this can be quite overwhelming. However, if we do not take responsibility for our actions and make sure that we support brands that create something innovative and creative, respect their employees and support good causes, no one will do it for us. Especially those celebrities who get millions of dollars for one Instagram ad. We have to choose our role models carefully and make sure that we do not put our responsibility in someone else’s hands when it comes to actions that will affect not only our lives but also future generations.

We gonna try out some products from this brand and let you know more about the quality. Stay tuned with our looks.

To be honest we are more a fan of brands like Prettylittlething and Missguided, but we don’t know if the quality is any better. We will let you know.

Image source: Unsplash (its not the brand).

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