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Did Instagram Take Over Blogging?




So did Instagram take over blogging? Is it over with blogs in 2024?

Yes Instagram is way more popular and trending than blogs in 2024. blogging is just a bit dead. but what am I gonna do? nobody likes me on the gram so yes blogging is what I can do. 

Mainly blogs associated with personal and lifestyle content frequently shift from Blog to Instagram. Personal pictures or lifestyle exposure are well fit Instagram as the platform is made to expose through a picture gallery. This way, the audience can relate more to the visual items than reading texts.

However, Instagram is not too perfect for including all types of blogs. For example, it is good to showcase photography skills on Instagram. Still, the platform cannot allow a longer form of content. Particularly, when you need to know detailed information about the subjects, you may search on Google and find articles written over.

So, it is hard to say that Instagram has taken over blogging. Due to the increasing interest in visual and audio content, blogging has lost some space and audience, but it has not died yet. On the contrary, blogging has been continuously evolving. Here are the considerable differences between the two platforms: Instagram and Blog.

Instagram Vs. Blogging

The following comparisons tell you the difference between Instagram and Blog and how Blog is superior or still surviving. Want to know more about the best beauty blogs of 2022? Then read this.

Time consumption to grow audience

Both bloggers and Instagrammers take around 2-3 years to build a large audience. But Instagrammers can grow audience fasters than bloggers by buying followers, which cannot guarantee that all followers are active or interested in your niche. That’s why the audience engagement is low in paid followers.

However, bloggers cannot use black-hat techniques to draw attractive traffic. All you need to depend on organic growth if you need good engagement in blogging. So, though bloggers have fewer readers, genuine readers’ conversion rate is exceptionally high.


Both social media have different algorithms for content to rank. Instagram runs on hashtags, whereas blogs get ranked on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Google. Instagram promotes content that has high engagement through likes and comments. Besides engagement, Google verifies the quality to rank the blog page. This way, blogging is filtered in content, but Instagram has no control over the content.

Effort Requirement

Running Instagram is more effortless than Blog. You need to shoot your photos with some poses and directly post on Instagram with or without a caption. However, blogs need texts, and Google prefers detail-oriented blog posts, which can take lots of research and writing efforts. Again, while publishing, you need to optimize your Blog, so the blogging process is laborious.

Skill Requirement

As posting and managing an Instagram account is very easy as its interface is user-friendly, you need not much knowledge or tech skills. But if you run a blog individually, you need to be tech-savvy.

You will need skills from writing to programming. You need to write long posts, audit SEO, manage expected technical errors and respond to the readers. When the Blog grows more extensive, it is impossible to handle it via a single person; you will need a group there.

Income streams

Instagrammers have an income source through brand collaboration. They post a picture of the product or service and write a description about it to reach out to their audience. Besides, they can make money by placing affiliate links on their handle.

Unlike Instagram, a blog has multiple passive incomes. For example, if you set up a blog and build an audience, you can leverage ads, sponsored posts, affiliates or sell your own products, including e-books, courses, presets.

Trust Level

Though Instagram is easy to use, it is difficult to earn from. So, a considerable number of posts are sponsored. Instagram influencers accept paid gigs to increase their income even they don’t like endorsing. That’s why people have decreasing trust levels on such social media platforms.

Unlike this, the Blog has a detailed overview of the product or services, including both positive and negative sides. As blog post is more elaborative, people first compare and read reviews, find the posts on Google and then decide.

In short,

Instagram and Blog are two different platforms to engage and entertain people through different content forms. The personal and lifestyle blogs with their content that needs visual exposure have already shifted on Instagram. However, as Instagram cannot express longer text content, people still read blog posts. Therefore, blogging is still enjoying its happy days.



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