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Celebrities that have their own blogs. Of course you can also do it the other way around. You are already famous and you start your own blog. You already have the name, the game and the fame and you become even more rich.

So your blog will be a success and have traffic. Your fans will want to read your content. Its the world upside down. You are already famous and make more money from your fame this way.

There are plenty of blogs to follow these days. It all depends on what you like. Beauty? Health? Food, Gossiping? Gossip blogs do it very well of course. For example theshaderoom is a gossip empire blog.But this is nothing for us. We prefer being creative and learning people something. Be kind and help people. Its the least you can do for this world.

Many celebrities use a blog to share their stories and even daily routines. Their blogs cover various topics, including beauty, fashion and the best food recipes. Some of the most well-known actors, actresses, TV stars, and musicians have blogs.

So here are 5 celebrities that have their own blogs:

1Gwyneth Paltrow

In 2008, she started her website: goop.com and here she is, 14 years later. She was there in the early days. Goop has everything from fashion advice to food information. it is an allround lifestyle blog.

Goop generates revenue from advertising and also sells a Goop-branded clothing line, a perfume, and books. Its an big online empire with millions of visitors a month. In 2021 it was valued at $250 million. Curious how much Gwyneth is worth? Then read this.

2.Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik played Amy’s role in the Big Bang Theory season. When it stopped after 12 seasons, she started the blog GrokNation. She talks about packing for a trip, getting ready for a job interview, and much more in her first few posts. But then, after some of her posts are retweeted by people she follows, she starts discussing other topics. Now, Grok Nation is an online community for people of all ages and backgrounds to dive deep into conversations on contemporary issues. It has not so much traffic actually (tip: similarweb.com) and could make more money when focussed on popular topics and SEO. For SEO: check out this course and get millions of traffic a month.

3.Huda Kattan 

Huda Kattan started with her blog Huda Beauty in 2009. She was there also in the early days. In 2015, the blog gained millions of traffic and she became the number 1 beauty blog. She told the press she did not made money blogging, we don’t really get why because there are many ways to make money blogging. But what she did do is built a billion-dollar brand. She is the founder of Huda Beauty, one of the biggest cosmetics brands int he world. (even selling in the Netherlands) She has also released her first book, “The Body Shop Manual: How to Look Young & Beautiful.” She was also nominated as the most influential beauty blogger by Forbes. Want to read more about this beauty icon? then read this. This is a brilliant women into the creative industry and into finance. Best of both worlds!

4.Tiffani Thiessen

Tiffani Amber Thiessen is an American actress and television host. She is known best as Kelly Kapowski on “Saved by the Bell,” She started her own blog and grow her empire. This is the blog/website to discover some of her favorite recipes, new products, ideas for entertaining, and little tidbits of her own life – all things she loves. The website does not have that much traffic (similarweb.com). She is not that famous of course and she probably does not focus on SEO. Not everyone knows about marketing. You need to learn it if you want to grow your blog. She is worth more then 10 million though.

5.Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Last but not least, model and actor Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has her own beauty and lifestyle website: Rose Inc. “Rose Inc is a daily editorial destination for all things beauty: makeup tutorials, revealing interviews, visual eye candy, and products tried, tested, and approved by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley herself,” reads the brands statement. Its much more then a blog, its a beauty brand that sells good products. The website does not have that much traffic yet (100k). Traffic is money, simple as that. But Rose is worth 30 million though.

Do you want a traffic empire? Then you need to follow this course.

So Cardi B. What are you waiting on? Start your own blog and become a billionaire! (or just make some extra millions a year) as you wish.

Goodluck bloggers!

mandy b.
mandy b.https://iammandyb.com
Founder, owner, writer Iammandyb.com & artistheat.com (coming up this summer)
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