Can blogging make you rich in 2023?




Can blogging make you rich, even in 2023? Is blogging still a thing?

A lot of people are wondering, blogging, can this make you rich? no, right? Its just a blog with pictures and content?

Well to start off right away with the blog question. Can it make you rich or even a millionaire? hell yes! If you do it the right way.

There are many bloggers who are millionaires. Bloggers that made their blogs it a real business with information, courses and more. Bloggers that sold their blogs for millions. Did you know that AOL acquired The Huffington Post in 2011, for $315 million, just six years after its founding in 2005. 315 million, like what? The founder is Hella rich now. But this is not normal of course. This won’t happen too many people.

But there are also enough bloggers that make 50.000 dollar a month with advertising, sponsored content and affiliate marketing. Some make this amount only with premium advertising. Imagine having 1 million visitors a month on your blog from all around the world because your blog is in English? This can make you a lot of money with some good advertiser.

Although blogging is not as popular anymore as it was in the early days (2008), it can still make you rich. But okay, what is rich? is it money? another great discussion..Is money everything when you can’t find the love of your life?

So keep on reading.

So first, what is blogging actually?

Blogging is one of the best business to be in today.  Bloggers are creating a feeling for their listeners along with producing content that is reaching out to others around the globe.  Blogs are not only helping everyone stay updated with the company’s news, but also offering information about how to purchase products, where to get them, reviews about products, information about new upcoming talent and more.

People want to know how rich Drake is, people want to know is SKIMS is a success, people want to know why Kim Kardashian is so famous and why Kylie Jenner is so popular. People are curious and they Google information about their favorite stars.

Although TikTok is a big competition for Google and is a new search engine for informations, blogs will be still be popular and trending. Just focus on the right content.

So how to become rich with blogging?

Some tips for you!

1.Choose a niche:

The very first and for most important step is to choose the right path. Yes you heard right, by right path it means pick a niche that you can communicate passion and enthusiasm for in your writing. Everything you write is going to be stronger when there’s an emotional context, and there’s no easier way to convey that than to write about something you’re interested in.

The best niche is actually finance and money. People love to read about money. How to make money online? how to make money blogging? how to save more? how to start an online business etc. Fashion & beauty is nice, but not the most popular niche.

2.Monetize your Blog:

This section goes in depth into how to turn your blog into a moneymaker. It divides up different ways on how you can monetize your blog and teaches you how to do it. It breaks down what you should be doing along with some resources to make it easier for you. 

According to some research, affiliate marketing is the most effective source of revenue for bloggers. But to be honest we think the most simple way is just advertising. Premium networks like Mediavine and Adthrive make the most, but there are others. it all depends on your traffic (USA traffic) and your niche (for example finance/career blog). Especially with a finance website you can make a lot with ads. Blogging is all about getting traffic aka readers. Once you hit the million visitors a month; boom. Make 10k blogging with just advertising. #forreal!

Use advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored content all together and make 50k blogging. 50k a month? yes possible! but not just after 2 years. Maybe after 10 years!So keep on writing and working on your marketing strategy. For marketing you will need SEO. SEO is everything you need to rank on Google and to get traffic.

3.Know what you’re talking about

Another important aspect about any blog is you should have a good idea on what you’re talking about. There’s no need to always be right, but if you don’t know what you’re talking about, then it’s only a matter of time until someone calls you out on it. Having a good idea of your industry and writing style is essential if you want to write online in any niche.

It all comes down to finding that balance between authority, passion, and personality. Too much of one and you sound like a robot or a shill; too little and you sound like an amateur. So just remember: when it comes to blogs, you don’t have to be the boss, but you do have to sound like someone who knows about it.

Im into fashion & beauty so I know what I talk about. i know a lot about trends and different styles, but on blogging ways im a bit a newbie. So I need to read more other blogs. Also on finance ways im a newbie, so I will need a writer for

4.Advertisers will start to take notice of you

It is one of the proven and effective way to earn extra income through your blog. Once you have the audience, the visitors, the viewers, you will get a lot of emails for brands collabs. It takes time to build up an audience that advertisers want to target, but once you have one, you’ll be surprised at how many companies are interested in associating themselves with your content. It just takes hard work and dedication. You ready for this? Are you patient?

In short,

Can blogging make you rich? yes it can.

but he: what is rich? making 50k a month I call pretty rich, but like really rich? thats something else.

Get that content online, build up an audience and get out there and start connecting with brands.

Become a rich blogger in the next 10 years.

mandy b.
mandy b.
Founder, owner, writer & (coming up this summer)
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