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Blogging vs Vlogging in 2024. Which one is better? Readithere!




Blogging vs Vlogging in 2024.

Which one is best for you? Which one is best for earning? Nowadays there are more vloggers then Bloggers. Blogging seems a dead in 2024, but I think blogging is here to stay always. People want to read information and not everyone likes watching a video. Millions of people Google everyday for information and education. We are here to inspire,give information and help you with your career.

Here, I will explain the differences between the two very clearly to choose which one is best for you, but of course you can also make your own online empire and do both! best of both worlds of course.

Before getting familiar with them, it’s essential to understand what they are.

Blogging VS blogging. What is the difference?

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging, or video blogging, is a form of online video content. It’s usually a personal account of life in the form of a series of videos that are generally uploaded daily to a website. Vloggers may use their camera, or they may be able to use a camera loaned to them by a company that provides equipment to its customers.You see vloggers on YouTube.

What is Blogging?

“I think it can be defined as a writer’s way of telling the story of his or her life.” ~ David Meerman Scott.

Blogging is simply a method of sharing thoughts, ideas, and opinions with others in an organized manner. It is unnecessary to have a blog to do this, but it certainly helps. A blog is a website where you can write articles, which are then published for people to read. But in 2024 a blog is not only about your ideas and thoughts. Blogging is much more then this. Look at this website, this is a blog, but its more then just our ideas and thoughts. It is quality content written for the readers. I am a blogger. I write articles for the public and focus on organic traffic.

Blog Vs. Vlog

We have covered the definition above. Now let’s dig into their main difference. This will help you to choose the one which is best for you. 

Some differences between the two:

1.Cost Required

Yes, all interested people who want to start their career in blogging or vlogging wish to know about the estimated cost required. You will wonder to see that you can start them with a small budget. For blogging and Vlogging, you need to have a device like a mobile or a laptop and a good internet connection. On the other hand, for blogging, you need a domain and hosting. The best part of vlogging is that if you have a mobile phone, you are ready to go…

Here, people will think that I do not have an expensive phone and cameras, so how can I start vlogging. Yes, you can… 

There are many examples; you start their vlogging channels without expensive phones and cameras. Once their content became viral and started earning, they invested in gadgets for more good results. You can also do that. But if you really want to start as a professional you need a good camera and what about the editting?

Vlogging does not have to cost you a lot to start. But you want to start good right and professionally? For blogging, yes, initially, you need to have an investment in the domain and hosting.But this is not so much. Maybe 5 dollar a month and this can increase when you get more traffic. I would recommend to use WordPress right away. Do blogging good right away.

2.Time Consumption

Blogging and Vlogging are about creating content. In vlogging, content creation is in the form of video. And in blogging, content creation is in the form of written articles. Both of them are time-consuming. But if you want to know which one is more time consuming, then I will say, Vlogging is more time-consuming. In vlogging, you are the start, and you have to focus on the content you want to create, video editing and many more things. Most important, it also takes time to research which topic you have to make a video on now.

You make vlogging easy for you only if you hire a freelancer for you who help you to edit a video and research the hot and trending topics for your vlog channel. Have a look here for a freelancer.

Blogging is not time-consuming as vlogging. If you want to write articles independently, then it can be. But if you hire a freelance writer, it will save a ton of hours for you but then it will cost you more money of course. Not the best in writing? HIRE someone.

3.Content Creation

Yes, the main and significant difference between the two. As we know, content is the king. Content is what you deliver to your audience, whether from a blog or vlog. So, you can’t compromise on the content. You need to create content that engages your audience and makes them read your entire blog post in the blog. You need to have an engaging title and opening section, and exciting content. 

It would help if you were very focused on vlogging because you have to show your face. You are the star, so you need to dress well. You should have good communication skills. It would help if you focused on each word you say. You need to develop curiosity throughout the video to engage the audience. It would help if you create a video which makes a person subscribe to your channel and wait for you to get new updates. 

4.Content Edition

A blog and a vlog both need content editions. A blog post needs content proofreading and formatting. When you publish content then, after some time, you need to make some changes and update it. This is essential to maintain the ranking; on the other hand, a video edition is required for vlogging. The video editor is the highest paying skill right now. If you are not a good video editor, hire a person to do this job for you. On the other hand, you can also purchase video editor software to make your vlogging easy.

5.Earning Methods

The most exciting session of this article is here. Yes, most people work the earning, and most people work to provide information, but they get money as a by-product. However, the ultimate goal of vlogging vs blogging is earning. There are different ways to make money through both of them. You can earn from advertisers like Mediavine, sponsor posting, guest posting, affiliate marketing/ On the other hand, in vlogging, you can earn from Adsense also, affiliate marketing, collaborations with brands and promoting their products or selling your own products. Blogging vs blogging both can make you rich or you can just make a fulltime income every month. Its all about viewers/traffic. Does your vlogging channel get millions of views? You will good money with advertising only. Then you can also start with sponsored posts and affiliate marketing. Read more about affiliate marketing here.

Blogging vs vlogging; which one is better nowadays?

This question is uncertain because blogging lovers will answer that blogging is better, and vloggers will respond that vlogging is better. But video content is taking massive engagement as compared to written content. According to the survey, the example is that TikTok has more concentration than google in 2024. So, I think video content is better for building an audience and earnings. It doesn’t mean that blogging is dying. Blogging is actually easier nowadays because a lot of people quit with their blogs and go on on TikTok, Everyone wants to be TikTok famous nowadays.

Yes, as you read the entire post. Now it is effortless for you to decide between two. The other thing that does matter is your interest. If you want to be in front of cameras, are comfortable with it, and want to make your own social media presence, vlogging will be life-changing. Or, if you belong to the industry like fashion, style, makeup, and travel, you need to have a vlog channel. 

On the other hand, if you are not a person who loves social media presence and don’t want to be in front of cameras, blogging will be life-changing for you. 

To succeed both in vlogging and blogging, you need to have patience, consistency and burning desire. 

So what are you waiting for? Start your own blog now or start a blog and also vlog! Get best of both worlds and get famous on the web.

Need some help with the blogging steps? Take a look here.


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