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Is blogging dead in 2024?Is it a dead bird? Does blogging even have a future? Cause yes, we call ourselves: future media. My company. 

We are focussed on the future (although the future is actually TikTok:P).

We don’t think so and here is why. Blogging is not a dead bird. This bird is back alive and its bringing original and creative blogging back. She was sleeping for a while. Maybe it was a beautysleep, don’t know, cause we came back with a beautyblog.(and fashion of course).There still are options for you writers and content creators on the web. Especially nowadays when everyone is quitting blogging, these are the days to come back with an original blog!

Not blogging like the oldskool days, just about your life and what you do. No blogging were you focus on Google cause at the end of the day you will get the most traffic by Google. Of course there is social media, but when you are not a famous person and you have no many followers its hard to reach a lot of people. You got to start somewhere right? Of course you can spend some money on advertising but free traffic is Google traffic. Organic traffic. No idea what this is? Then read this.

But when you have good ideas for content, you write about products and trends and you focus on the right keywords. Things people search for in Google, you can can get a lot of traffic and then of course make a lot of money with blogging. Thousands of dollars? It is possible with the right strategy. Are you ready to be boss free and to be your own online BOSS? Then keep on reading

Of course we all know Instagram en TikTok are the big hypes nowadays for the youth. Also YouTube still is a big hype. But when you are looking for ways to make money with your creations, your creatitivity and writing skills, then blogging is the best way to make money.

There are many ways to make money blogging. More actually then for Instagram. Everyone focusses on Instagram but the truth is that most influencers don’t make that much a month from their account, only the big ones.

You can make a lot of money with blogging with Mediavine when you reach 50.000 sessions a month (which is around 60.000 pageviews, but can be more) You can make between 10 dollar and 20 dollar for 1000 pageviews. Thats a lot more than Adsense. But when you have less visitors you can start with Adsense of course.

But you need to have unique and quality content. Also think of adding an affiliate marketing shop. People buying products from your website. You can make a percentage of the sale and make a good amount of money a month. And then of course sponsored content. There are enough sponsored paid content networks out there. That are willing to pay a good price for a good blog with a lot of organic traffic. This is the same as for Instagram, Youtube and TikTok. But for blogging you have a lot of sponsored content., also for the small bloggers there are options. So are you convinced of blogging?

So you still think blogging is dead in 2024? Let us know of course if you think different.

Give us a shoutout if you like our content, thank you! Let us bloggers help each other out.

And good luck with your blog or little magazine.


mandy b.
mandy b.
Founder, owner, writer & (coming up this summer)
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