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What are the best niches for blogging in 2024? Blogging is not that dead, but its different then before. A lof of people quit their blogs and became an Instagram influencer or YouTube star.

Blogging has made many people rich but also many people just made a fulltime income with their blog, and of course there are also bloggers that make little to nothing. But if you do the right way you are able to make 5k per month with blogging.5k a month? You can make 10k a month blogging after 10 years of hard work. 10k a month is a good amount of money to make and with this amount you do a lot in your life. With 10k a month I would be very happy and satisfief.

There are also bloggers that make little to nothing, but they just need to focus more on marketing, the right topics and SEO.

I think every blogger can make money but you need a good strategy and the right people. #findateam.

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If you can express your thoughts on a certain topic and connect with your audience then it can be profitable for you for sure. However, you have to pick a niche where there is a lot of interest for.

Here are the best niches for blogging in 2024:


To be honest this is the most popular topic. People always want to read about money and finance. How to make money with a blog, how to make money with your own webshop etc. How much do other Entrepreneurs make? How to save money? How to invest money? How to get rich online etc. Its very popular. That is why we are launching somewhere later, next year probably.


Also known as tech blogging is always a trendy topic.There will always be new tech items available in the market to write a blog. Technology is popular for men and the most men spend time on the web. Some famous techblogs are Techcrunch and Wired.


Same as tech blogging, travel is one of the best niches for blogging in 2022. People are always curious about traveling the world and many people want freedom to travel the world. Freedom of the 9 till 5 lifestyle. Traveling is relaxing for many people, and for travel destinations and tips, you can be their go-to-person. You can write about your experiences but also give people information. The digital nomads lifestyle is very trending in 2023 etc. But you can also write on topics like how to save money while traveling or how to prevent scams from travel agents.Some popular travel blogs are Dan Flying Solo and a Broken Backpack. We keep an eye on them.

4.Fashion & beauty

In this modern era, a lot of people and into fashion and beauty. The beauty vloggers and bloggers are coming from everywhere. One of the most famous fashion bloggers is Chiara Ferragni with her blog the Blonde Salad and one of the most famous beauty bloggers is Huda Kattan with Huda Beauty. But why don’t mix the two? Write about fashion and beauty. You will become an expert along the way. But remember: there are already a lot of beauty vloggers and bloggers already out there. So I would not say its the best niche for making a lot of money (I know). Thats why I mix it up with lifestyle, blogging & influencers.

5.Parenting/mom blogs

I dont think this is the best niche right now. It is always trending, but to be honest there are too many mom blogs out there.So if you are very passionated you can do it of course. But I think you won’t make the most money now with a blog like this.The competition is killing.

6.Lifestyle blogs

I think lifestyle blogs are the most popular right now. Lifestyle blogs are allround blogs about all things in life. You can write about a lot of topics. So popular lifestyle blogs are Poosh, Goop, and A cup of Jo. These website have millions of traffic and make good money.


Of course we all know and If you did not know, now you do;) Famous and popular blogs about entrepreneurship and networth.

A lot of newcomers have a dream of being an entrepreneur Of course, they read a lot about it. If you can guide them with your knowledge to become a successful entrepreneur that would be helpful for them as well as profitable for you too. Best of both worlds, right. Helping others while being a succesful Entrepreneur.

Of course there are other niches that are also popular like food for example. But these are the best niches in 2024.

Start a lifestyle or finance blog and make 10k a month in 10 years. Goodluck!

mandy b.
mandy b.
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