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Micro niches for blogging in 2023.

A term that has picked up a lot of steam these past few years is micro-niches. Online bloggers and aspiring influencers have begun focusing on narrow genres to reach more traffic and visitors on their blogs, and it is working. Rather than writing about “sports” or even “football,” micro-niches are even more specific, for instance, “football shoes.”

Are you ready to start your micro niche blog? We guide you the way. We are here for fashion and beauty lovers, but also for bloggers and influencers. We help them all!

If you have ever come across large websites, they focus on everything from cars to planes. For a single blogger, it is almost impossible to cover all these topics with the level of detail needed in today’s online world. If you feel like you could write about broader topics, we also have a more general list of the best niches for blogging in 2023 over here. Money and finance are prevalent nowadays.

Instead of trying to cover every topic under the sun, by focusing on ultra-specific niche markets, such as “body cleansers for oily skin,” you do not need thousands of daily visitors to obtain affiliate sales as a result. Another bonus is that visitors will be more likely to buy products since they have been looking for this specific type of product or service rather than those who searched for “healthcare products.”

By blogging about products and methods listed below, you can potentially reach a vast audience and establish yourself as an authority on the subject.

Here are some micro niches for blogging in 2022:

1. Health micro niches

There has been a growing demand for health-related products ever since the pandemic struck the world. As more people have become accustomed to working from home, working out and staying healthy has become a thing people do in their living room or garage rather than the gym.

Some niches you can blog about are:

  • Protein bars and shakes
  • Recipe and cooking books
  • Vegan diet plans.

2.Home office micro niches

Like the above niche, home office products have seen jumps in interest over the past 1½ years. You can jump on this wave of new growth by reviewing office chairs or comparing different home office accessories in detail.

You can think of these niches below here:

  • Gaming chairs
  • Office chairs
  • Home office accessories
  • 3. Fashion micro niches

The fashion industry can be challenging to master in popularity and hot. We recommend building a blog around items that are unlikely to lose interest. By creating detailed articles about the history of the Stan Smith Adidas sneaker or the Oakley sunglasses, you could very well get good traffic.

Some niches for the fashion industry are:

  • Sunglasses
  • Jeans
  • Sneakers
  • Home Improvement micro niches

We all love a beautiful home. But things break, or we move from one complete home to a new one and need more furniture. If you are interested in interior design or furniture, you could curate a blog of inspiring designs. If you are stuck in this category, you can always look at Pinterest posts, and you will see what is popular and then gather the best of the best and write about that.

Here are some ideas for home improvement niches:

  • Laminate floors
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Bathroom furniture
  • 4.Ideas for travel blogs
  • Guide to the City

Explore your city and surroundings. We recommend unusual places to see. Great for budget traveling.

  • General travel tips

Would you please share your travel tips and tricks? Tips and tricks for packing well, surviving long flights, and so on.

  • Tips and cultural differences

Would you please share what you know about customs and manners in another culture? This niche is excellent for travelers and ex-pats to respect local customs.

  • Language and travel

You might enjoy learning languages and want to start a blog. Your readers will benefit from your knowledge of essential words and phrases that can be used on their next trip.

You can also create some PDF cheat sheets for your readers to print, which will add even more value!

  • Working abroad

Are you a travel agent or a flight attendant? You can use your layovers as a way to capture the essence and beauty of each country. You have a worldwide audience that is waiting to hear your stories!

  • Travel tips for the COVID pandemic

You may experience at least one lockdown depending on where you live due to the pandemic.

Many of us prefer to stay home and avoid long trips. You can share your tips for day trips and local travel information with your kids.

  • Tips for backpackers

The topic of backpacker-friendly travel tips is a popular blog topic.

  • Traveling with children

Your top travel tips for families and kids? Don’t forget to share your top travel tips for families with children.

5.Ideas for a fitness and sports blog

  • Yoga

This niche is excellent for making money blogging. For example, you can create a series if you are a yoga instructor and publish them as an ebook.

  • Weight loss

There are endless blog topic ideas about diet and weight loss. This niche is excellent for starting a blog and making some money.

  • Lockdown: Staying fit

There are many challenges to staying fit with the COVID pandemic. Share your top tips for staying safe and active while exercising or playing sports.

  • Crossfit training

Your story, experience, and tips will help others achieve their CrossFit goals.

  • Mountain biking and cycling

How to care for your bike. How to choose the right bike for you? You can write about the best bike trips in your area or turn it into a blog!

  • Marathons and running

Running is a popular form of exercise with significant global leadership potential. You can write about running tips, winter training, marathon training, and running equipment.

  • Extreme sports

You can parachute, base jump, or any other activity you like! If you travel the world searching for the next adrenaline rush, this blog niche can easily be turned into a travel blog.

  • Hiking

Write about urban hiking, day trips in your area, hiking challenges, or pilgrimage routes.

  • Cheerleading

This is the best part of a football match for many. It’s also great fun!

  • Pilates

You may be a pilates expert. Why not share your knowledge with the rest of the world?

  • Personal training

This could be your ultimate traffic magnet. You could be a well-known blogger if you write about exercise tips and provide meal plans and workout ideas. Write about fitness tips that are practical for busy people.

In short,

It is always a good idea to write about things you know, so if possible, try to find micro niches related to your interests or education. That way, you will offer better advice and earn more trust from your visitors.Are you ready to start blogging? Then read this article and start blogging.

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