Best Beauty Brands in the World in 2023.




The best beauty brands in the world in2023. As a beauty lover you problaby want to know this.

Every beauty lover wants to have the best products.On iammandyb we also try out products and give you review about popular brands like MAC Cosmetics, HUDA Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics, but also about the cheaper brands Essence, Catrice en Maybelline. The price is not always the way to be the best brand. More expensive brands are not always better. We think Essence has the best mascara and its very cheap. Read more here.

While determining the best beauty brands in the world, it is important to consider both companies and products. If a company makes loads of different products, but none of them are standouts, that doesn’t make for a bad company; its just not one of the best. On the other hand, some companies may only have a handful of great products, but those few products are so good they put the others to shame. Either way, what you’re looking for here is quality, really great beauty brands that give you everything you could ask for.

It is evident that not one brand will be liked by every single person in the world, as people differ in their opinions, choices and preferences. Similarly there are many factors that need to be taken into account before any particular brand is declared to be the best. But with this list of top companies we hope to provide some sort of guidance for those interested in buying beauty products, especially cosmetics, so they can make an informed decision.

Some of the Best Beauty Brands in the World in 2023:

1.Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder has been recognized as a trend-setter brand in the global beauty market. They don’t only have make-up, hair care, but also skin care products.

Estee Lauder is founded in the year 1946 by its founders Joseph Lauder and Estee Lauder. It operates via headquarter based in New York and sells its products through retail outlets and digital commerce.

They know the importance of celebrities campaign and have worked together with stars and influencers like Kendall Jenner, Willow Bay and Elizabeth Hurley.

They are dedicated to their customer needs and wants. They are constantly making new and interesting products that help their consumers to be more confident and beautiful. Estee Lauder has proven its commitment to its customers by both staying ahead in the beauty industry with their cutting edge products.

Estee Lauder is the top beauty brand because it’s has a positive image,has a great reputation and is one of the most valued brands in the world.

Estee Lauder is not a cheap product, but a bit more expensive. But we think their products are worth it.

2.  L’Oréal 

L’Oréal is a very strong global leader in the cosmetical market. Everyone knows this brand. It has succeeded in continuously increasing its brands development, with new brands being proposed and developed. Their strategies are focused on all income levels, from high-end luxury to mass of consumers who are willing to use intensively their budget on beauty products. The results provide L’Oréal a wide audience which allows them to explore many possibilities to develop the company’s presence worldwide.

L’Oreal is a French origin company founded in the year 1909 by its founder Eugene Schueller. It has been ranked at first position as the largest cosmetic brand in the world. The best products of tis brand are make-up, skin caire, hair color and perfume. There foundations and skin care products are very good and popular.

They also work with famous celebrities and famous models. You will probably know Dutch model Doutzen Kroes, Kate Winslet and Eva Longeria.


Chanel is a luxury brand that is focsed on artistic taste, creativity and style in every product they create. Their strength lies not only in their products but also in their brand name and marketing strategies.Chanel embodies the idea that you do not have to sacrifice being beautiful for being practical and stylish.

Chanel is a fashion house of French origin that was founded in the year 1909 by its founder Coco Chanel. It operates via headquarter base at Paris and in 310+ locations in both domestic and overseas markets.

They have skincare, make-up and very popular fragrances. Chanel works together with celebrities and models like Kristan Steward, Keira Knightley, Nicole Kidman and more. Its a very classy brand so they look for classy ladies. Keira Knighley is a typical classy beauty.

We would like to be the face of a nice beauty brand. THat would be so awesome.

Of course there are many more beauty brands in the world that are very good. Think of Avon, Guerlain, Nivea and more.

What do you think about these brands?Which one is your favorite?

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